72nd Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting Overview

The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) Annual Meeting serves as the rallying point and official gathering for some 200 institutions of biblical higher education in North America. It is the annual occasion where leaders of our movement—presidents, trustees, and other educational leaders--connect, confer and sharpen their leadership gifts and abilities. In addition to an extensive and rich array of networking and professional development opportunities, the meeting also promises inspiration as together we worship God and seek Christ’s favor and direction. It is an occasion for refreshing our spirits, renewing our mutual calling, and reminding us that together, by the grace of God, we aspire to be a spiritually robust, culturally relevant, and professionally respected 21st century movement whose collective contributions to global gospel impact are multiplying in their scale, scope and significance. 

The Bible’s description of the “sons of Issachar” has become something of a modern cliché among those seeking to advocate for cultural relevance. Cliché or not, the chronicler’s description of these men of Issachar remains nevertheless apt. Joining ranks of others who at Hebron were pledging loyalty to their new monarch, David, it was considered noteworthy that these were,

… men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do [I Chronicles 12:32]

In 2015-16, ABHE partnered with the Barna Group to assess perceptions of college-bound Christian students, their parents and others, seeking guidance for ABHE and its member institutions regarding college enrollment influences, attraction features, market positioning, strategy and messaging. The project officially concluded with the June 2017 publication of What’s Next for Biblical Higher Education?, a 60-page monograph and accompanying suite of video and web resources for member use in communicating to and engaging stakeholders relative to the research findings.

Although a number of institutions have deeply engaged and profited from the research, nearly two years later, the potential for converting data analysis into concerted, actionable association-wide intelligence has not been fully and coherently leveraged. It would constitute scandalously poor stewardship to allow our investment to go under-exploited. The research findings make clear that we face not merely a complicated set of challenges, but a complex, even chaotic environment in which we must learn to attract and retain students and prepare graduates. Only adaptive change will suffice. We require Sons-of-Issachar insight.

ABHE’s 2019 annual meeting will feature plenary speakers Andy Crouch and Ed Stetzer, each of whom has consistently demonstrated contemporary cultural insight in the spirit of the ancient Sons of Issachar. The meeting will also “crowd source” our member delegates, enlisting their most incisive and creative thinking to more fully realize the aims of biblical higher education market positioning, strategy and messaging.


Ralph Enlow

Ralph E. Enlow, Jr., President 
Association for Biblical Higher Education

When & Where

  • When

  • Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - Friday, February 22, 2019

  • Where

  • Rosen Plaza Hotel
    9700 International Drive
    Orlando, Florida 32819

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