7th Annual Palliative Care Collaborative Conference of Rochester


7:30 am
Registration and Continental Breakfast
Music provided by:  Jefferson Svengsouk, MD, MBA
Flaum Atrium
8:00 am
Welcome and Introductions
Erin Denney-Koelsch, MD, FAAHPM
Class of '62 Auditorium
8:15 am     
Maximizing the Healthcare Value Equation:  Integrating Palliative Care into the Acute Care Setting
Tammie Quest, MD, FAAHPM
Class of '62 Auditorium                                 
9:30 am     
AM Workshops
Workshop A: Collaboration Strategies Between Palliative Care and Acute Care Hospital Based
Services: Finding a Better Path Forward
Tammie Quest, MD, FAAHPM
Workshop B: Techniques for Talking about Hopes, Fears, and a Personal Sense of Duty:
Opportunities to Practice Collaborative Communication Skills
Chris Feudtner, MD, PhD, MPH
Workshop C: ABCs of THC and CBD in PC
Robert Horowitz, MD
  Jeffrey Allen, MD
  Patricia Mallaber, NP
Workshop D: Managing Opioids in Survivorship for the Palliative Care Graduate
Joel Kent, MD
Adam Cardina, MD
Jared Walsh, MD
Workshop E: Balancing Overload: Mindfulness Tools for Navigating Overwhelm, Emotional
Contagion, and Burnout from an Inner Oasis of Calm
Sabrina Vogler, LMSW, CPC, CEC, CGSS
Workshop F: Music Therapy and Therapeutic Music
Rosemary Obi, MS, LCAT, MT-BC
Jefferson Svengsouk, MD, MBA
Sandra Gianniny, CMP
Workshop G: Understanding the Fear of Death: Implications for Health-Care Professionals
Kevin Boyd, M.Div.
11:00 am
Creating SPACE for Decision-Making When Confronting Serious Illness
Chris Feudtner, MD, PhD, MPH
Class of '62 Auditorium
12:00 pm   
Flaum Atrium
1:00 pm
PM Workshops
Workshop A:  What's New in Pediatric Pain Management
Rachel Diamond, MD, MS
Michelle Swanger-Gagne, PhD
Workshop B:  Parents Reflections on Communication and Loss:  Panel Discussion
Led by: Peg DeBaise, LMFT, CT
David Korones, MD
Panel Members: Cindy Fitzsimmons
Jason Fitzsimmons
Jamie Wagner
Workshop C: De-Prescribing: Sometimes Less is More for Palliative Care and Hospice
Thomas Caprio, MD
Sheri Maxwell, FNP-C
Rashmi Khadilkar, MD
Workshop D:  Managing Depression and Anxiety in PC
Jennifer Richman, MD
  Whitney Read, LCSW
Workshop E:  Dear Diary:  Cultivating Compassion and Wellness Through Shared Storytelling
  in a Mindful Journaling Practice
Chin-Lin Ching, MD
Joanne Wu, MD
Workshop F:  Almost (but not quite) Medically Futile:  How Helpful is a Futility Policy in Medical
Timothy Quill, MD
  Bernard Sussman, MD
Workshop G:  Hope and Miracles:  What Are Patients and Families Really Telling Us
Rev. Robin Franklin
  Rev. Patti Blaine
  Susan Dodge-Peters Daiss, MA, M.Div
2:30 pm     
Elegy:  An Exploration of Music in Death and Dying
Erin Denney-Koelsch, MD, FAAHPM
Class of '62 Auditorium 
3:30 pm
Wrap Up and Adjourn
Music provided by:  Sandra Gianniny, CMP