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A Quiet Pentecost


We invite you to register to receive an audio link of the teleconference held on May 13, 2014:

Congregations, small groups, and ministry organizations across the globe are experiencing renewal.  You don't want to miss the quiet pentecost that is alive and well in ministry settings worldwide. Join author and professor, Dwight Judy, and The Academy for Spiritual Formation® Director, Johnny Sears, for an hour-long call-in seminar featuring Judy's book, A Quiet Pentecost: Inviting the Spirit into Congregational Life, as a springboard for conversation.

The seminar is sure to inspire you with stories that offer hope for church renewal, share real-life examples of vitality and life taking place within small groups and congregations, and offer guidance for discovering spirit-led change.

Join us by registering for the audio files TODAY.

Cost: $19

(a 25% discount code for the book, A Quiet Pentecost by Dwight Judy, will be available to all who register)