Conference Program

  • 28/07/18
    7:30 AM  -  8:45 AM
    Registration desk is located outside the Ballroom
    8:45 AM  -  8:55 AM

    Welcome and Introduction

    Professor Mark Bellgrove - Monash University

    8:55 AM  -  10:30 AM
    Plenary Session 1
    Mark Bellgrove

    Keynote Speaker: Professor David Coghill, Chair of Developmental Mental Health and Deputy Head of Department of Paediatrics, the University of Melbourne

    ADHD Guidelines for Australia: How, why, what, who and when

    Chair:Jonathan Hassall

    Advocacy for ADHD

    From national community support group, ADHD Australia
    Jonathan Hassall

    From ADHD coaches for their clients
    Susan Hughes (School)
    Dr Michele Toner (University)
    Monica Hassall (Workplace)

    Morning Tea

    Morning tea will be served

    Plenary Session 2

    Gold standard ADHD life-cycle treatment in Australia, a hypothetical

    A/Prof Daryl Efron (child)

    A/Prof James Scott (late adolescence/young adult)

    Dr Hugh Morgan (adult)


    When stimulants fail

    Prof Ken Nunn


    Neuro feedback, its place in ADHD treatment

    Dr Trevor Brown 

    Lunch buffet

    Concurrent Session 1: Child

    ADHD and sleep issues - Dr Emma Sciberras                                     
    2.05 ADHD and ASD overlap - research and clinical implications - Prof Nicole Rinehart
    Non-stimulant ADHD medications - how should we be using them? - Prof Dave Coghill
    Concurrent Session 2: Adult
    1.35 ADHD, eating disorders and stimulants - an emerging link - Dr Roger Paterson

    ADHD and substance abuse issues - Dr Dianne Grocott
    2.35 ADHD, stimulant medication and psychosis - A/Prof James Scott
    Quick Break
    Concurrent Session 1: Child (Cont)
    3.15 Psychometric assessment - when to refer, what to expect back and an update on the current status of brain training therapies - A/Prof Melanie Porter

    Research presentation Chair Dr Emma Sciberras, presentations by early career researchers
    Concurrent Session 2: Adult (Cont)

    The experience of a binational adult ADHD peer review group in producing best practice - Dr Peter Heffernan
    3.45 Forensic ADHD issues, late adolescent/adult - Dr Geoff Kewley et al
    Afternoon Tea
    4:30 PM  -  5:30 PM
    AGM - Australian ADHD Professionals Association Ltd
    4:30 PM  -  5:30 PM
    Mindfulness/Relaxation Session with Alice Shires
    Mindfulness/Relaxation Session for non-members being led by Ms Alice Shires, Clinic Director, Clinical Psychology, UTS
    Sundowner drinks for all

    Come and meet other delegates for a drink at the close of the conference between 5.30pm - 6.30pm. This is included in registration costs but you will be asked later if you are attending so we have catering numbers.