Conference Program

  • 28/07/18
    7:30 AM  -  8:45 AM
    Registration desk is located outside the Ballroom
    8:45 AM  -  8:55 AM

    Welcome and Introduction

    Professor Mark Bellgrove - Monash University

    8:55 AM  -  9:35 AM
    Plenary Session 1
    Mark Bellgrove

    Keynote Speaker: Professor Shantha M. Wilson Rajaratnam -

    Towards circadian medicine approaches in neuropsychiatry


    Professor Dave Coghill

    International and National ADHD Guidelines

    Chair:Jonathan Hassall

    Advocacy for ADHD - brief case vignettes

    Advocacy from national community support group, ADHD Australia - Jonathan Hassall

    Advocacy from ADHD coaches for their clients - Susan Hughes (School), Dr Michele Toner (University), Monica Hassall (Workplace)

    Keynote Speaker:
    Morning Tea

    Morning tea will be served

    Plenary Session 2

    Gold standard ADHD life-cycle treatment in Australia, a hypothetical

    Dr Daryl Efron (child)

    A/Prof James Scott (late adolescence/young adult)

    Dr Hugh Morgan (adult)


    When stimulants fail

    Prof Ken Nunn


    Neuro feedback, its place in ADHD treatment

    Dr Trevor Brown 

    Lunch buffet

    Concurrent Session 1: Child

    ADHD and sleep issues - Dr Emma Sciberras                                     
    2.05 ADHD and ASD overlap - research and clinical implications - Prof Nicole Rinehart
    The use of non-stimulant ADHD medications - what really goes on in Australia - Prof Dave Coghill
    Concurrent Session 2: Adult
    1.35 ADHD, eating disorders and stimulants - an emerging link - Dr Roger Paterson

    ADHD and substance abuse issues - Dr Dianne Grocott
    2.35 ADHD, stimulant medication and psychosis - A/Prof James Scott
    Quick Break
    Concurrent Session 1: Child (Cont)
    3.15 Psychometric assessment - when to refer and what to expect and an update on the current status of brain training therapies - A/Prof Melanie Porter

    Research presentation Chair Dr Emma Sciberras, presentations by early career researchers
    Concurrent Session 2: Adult (Cont)

    The experience of a binational adult ADHD peer review group in producing best practice - Chair: Dr Peter Heffernan
    3.45 Forensic ADHD issues, late adolescent/adult - Dr Geoff Kewley et al
    Afternoon Tea
    4:30 PM  -  5:30 PM
     Australian ADHD Professional Association Ltd AGM
    4:30 PM  -  5:30 PM
    Mindfulness/Relaxation Session with Alice Shires
    Mindfulness/Relaxation Session for non-members being led by Ms Alice Shires, Clinic Director, Clinical Psychology, UTS
    Sundowner drinks for all

    Come and meet other delegates for a drink at the close of the conference between 5.30pm - 6.30pm. This is included in registration costs but you will be asked later if you are attending so we have catering numbers.