ADHD Australia’s Community Information Day

‘In collaboration with the Australian ADHD Professionals Association – AADPA’


Event Details

Theme:                               Sharing ADHD information within Australia

Date:                                   Sunday 28 July 2019

Location:                            Catalina Dehavilland Rooms

Time:                                   2.00pm until 5.00pm

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Features Speakers


 Greg van Wyk

Master of Ceremonies

Welcome by Len Russell, CEO of ADHD Australia

Dr Greg van Wyk will emcee this event

Greg is a board member or ADHD Australia





A personal experience

Rose Callaghan

Rose Callaghan is a Sydney based award winning stand-up comedian, media personality and ADHD spokesperson.

Rose is passionate about mental health and is known for her no holds barred humorous accounts of these struggles. Her debut solo show about her diagnosis with ADHD at 32 years was called "Attention Deficit…Ooh a Pony!” until she got bored of the name and changed it. The irony of that is not lost on her.

The show won Best Comedy at the Sydney Fringe Festival and sold out Perth Fringe World and Melbourne Comedy Festival, with Theatre Press saying “It was fist-punching-the-air brilliant to hear a woman talking about disability and mental illness with a poignant sense of humour.

In celebration of ADHD awareness month 2018 Rose wrote an opinion piece for the Sydney Morning Herald about discovering she had ADHD - Watching Hannah Gadsby I had a light bulb moment:


 Christine Morgan

Keynote address

What is the National Mental Health Commission undertaking at the moment?

Christine Morgan

Ms Christine Morgan is currently the CEO of the National Mental Health Commission. She is also the National Director of the National Eating Disorders Collaboration. Prior to her appointment at the National Mental Health Commission, Christine was CEO of The Butterfly Foundation. In the not for profit sector, Ms Morgan was General Manager at Wesley Mission, over the areas of Corporate Services; and Community & Family Development. Prior to joining Wesley Mission, Ms Morgan was Executive General Manager responsible for managing the strategic direction and business unit effectiveness of the Wholesale, Broadband & Media Business Unit at Telstra.


 Lou Brown

The importance of self-compassion when you have ADHD

Lou Brown

Lou Brown is an ADHD Coach, Consultant and Advocate from Perth. She is also the author of ‘ADHD in Primary School: A comprehensive guide to understanding and supporting students with ADHD in the classroom’, and the blog ‘Thriving with ADHD’. She works one-on-one with parents of children who have ADHD, as well as with adults who are affected by the disorder

Monica Hassell
Fight, Flight, Freeze... or Fib?

Monica Hassell

Monica Hassall, RN, is one of the principal coaches of Connect ADHD Coaching in Brisbane. She has had a 30-year career as a nurse and health educator in a range of specialties. She is the co-director of Connect ADHD Coaching and co-developed Parent Partner Coach Programs. She has coached clients both nationally and internationally.

Emma Sciberras
ADHD and sleep

A/Prof Emma Sciberras

Emma Sciberras is an Associate Professor and Clinical Psychologist who leads the Intervention Research Streams of the Deakin Child Study Centre and Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development in the School of Psychology at Deakin University. She is also an Honorary Research Fellow and Team Leader in the Health Services Research at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute. Emma holds a Career Development Fellowship funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council, which focuses on how to help children with ADHD. Emma has published over 90 peer-reviewed papers on the topic of ADHD
ADHD Advocacy

Parent & carer experiences of ADHD in Australian schools: Critical gaps report (2019)

Parents for ADHD Advocacy Australia

Aims to increase public awareness and reduce stigma surrounding ADHD. It looks to ensure families are informed and empowered to help their children and seeks to increase the capacity of schools to manage ADHD.
Michele Toner
ADHD and education

Dr Michele Toner

Michele has been supporting people with ADHD since 1995, and started her coaching practice in 2009, where she is known for her ‘practical strategies’. In addition to her hands-on experience, she has completed a Masters and PhD in the area of ADHD, and was awarded UWA research prizes for both. Michele also holds credentials with the International Coach Federation (PCC), and the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PCAC).

In addition to her private coaching practice, Michele works to promote ADHD Awareness around Australia. She was an inaugural member of the AADPA and the ADHD Australia Boards. Currently she serves as Chairperson on the Board of ADHD WA, and also on their Professional Advisory Body.

Michele is also dedicated to promoting ADHD coaching in Australia. She is a faculty member of the ADD Coach Academy in New York, and a registered mentor coach.


 Mark Bellgrove

Outline of AADPA and the collaboration with ADHD Australia

Prof Mark Bellgrove

Professor Bellgrove is President of the Australian ADHD Professionals Association, has studied the neurobiology of ADHD for over 15 years and is internationally known for his work on the genetics, neuropsychology and pharmacology of ADHD. His research achievements have been recognized with awards from NARSAD (USA), the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia and Biological Psychiatry Australia.

Professor Bellgrove is a strong advocate for evidenced-based diagnosis, treatment and management of ADHD and has a strong vision for the development of unified national diagnosis, prescribing and treatment practices and AADPA’s role in influencing policy to ensure a “better deal” for the many individuals affected by ADHD within Australia
3.30pmAfternoon tea and networking
Q&A Panel discussion
Emceed by Dr Greg van Wyk
Thank you and close

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