AASHTO 2018 Spring Meeting


Business casual attire; jeans with a jacket or blazer are also acceptable. Average temperature in Franklin is in the mid to high 80s. We recommend that you bring a sweater or light jacket as meeting room temperatures do vary.

 We often receive questions on what is considered business casual. Below are some suggested guidelines for your consideration:

  • You may wear jeans, but they should be dark and fitted, with no rips and tears
  • A casual jacket with a collared shirt is acceptable, as are collared shirts or short-sleeve polo-type shirts, but neckties are not needed.
  • Comfortable leather shoes or low heel shoes may be worn, but sneakers are not allowed.

Still not sure what business casual is? Below are some visual representations. Feel free to put your own unique spin on it.  

Women Business Casual

Credit: Pinterest

Men Business Casual 

 Credit: Pinterest 

Jeans Causal men 

Credit: Michael84

Women Jeans

Credit: Business-Casualforwomen.com and Pinterest

Evening Activities

The dress for evening activities is casual. Jeans are acceptable. 


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