AASHTO Associate Membership

This membership fee applies to all new memberships or membership renewals and is payable each year upon receipt of membership invoice. The membership fee is not refundable or transferable.  

The fee for membership is $3,500 per year

Payment Instructions for Checks or Wire Transfers

Check Payments: If you elected to pay by check, please make checks payable to 'AASHTO' and mail to the following address:
C/O Membership Dues
P.O. Box 615051 
Washington DC 20061-5051

Note: If an organization/company check will be issued, please make sure to include a copy of your invoice, and indicate your invoice number on the memo line so that we may credit your account accordingly.

Wire Transfers: If you are planning to make a wire transfer you must notify AASHTO (jdorsey@aashto.org) of the actual date and amount of the funds being wired. This information is needed to locate and properly credit the wired funds to your account. Additionally, please make sure to include your invoice number in the description of the wire transfer so that we can track your payment.