• Monday, April 8, 2013
      5:30 PM  -  6:30 PM
      Pre-Event Cocktail Reception - Hosted by NeoGrid
      Join Aberdeen Analysts, Summit Speakers and Attendees for a pre-event cocktail reception hosted by our Diamond Sponsor NeoGrid.

      Location: St. Gallen Room, Second Level of Event Centre at the Swissotel
      Date: April 8th, 2013
      Time: 5:30- 6:30
      On behalf of NeoGrid, we look forward to seeing you there!

       * This reception is open to delegates and speakers only. Solutions providers are not permitted to attend.
    • Tuesday, April 9, 2013
      7:30 AM  -  8:45 AM
      Breakfast in the Solutions Zone and Event Registration
      8:45 AM  -  9:00 AM
      Opening Remarks and Introduction to Aberdeen's Supply Chain Management Practice
      Discover the pressures and strategic actions that are motivating the office of the CSCO. Learn about best practices and innovative initiatives that are top priorities and are making a significant positive impact on the company’s business and supply chain performance
      9:00 AM  -  9:45 AM
      Keynote Address: Innovation Using Internal Solutions to Enable Growth with Partners
      Robert Gifford, Executive Vice President, Global Logistics, Ingram Micro

      Gain key insights on how $38 B Ingram Micro reengineered its supply chain to be more flexible and responsive to a dynamically changing supply-demand network. On the supply side, the heavy ongoing concentration of component and hi-tech manufacturing supply from Asia has been legendary and required innovation. On the customer demand side, the advent of web-based ordering, eCommerce, and Omni-Channel logistics has disrupted conventional inventory-based distribution strategies. The convergence of shifting geographic supply with tailored cross-channel customer demand has engendered radical transformation of the physical and digital supply chain throughout the industry. It is indeed a Call To Arms for the Supply Chain Professional

      Learn from several case study examples:
      • How the physical supply chain was redesigned to move from an inventory heavy strategy to one of flexibility and speed to market.
      • Understand why there is limited infrastructure to support this new on-line customer
      • How information and process flows can be reengineered to be more customer-centric
      • How your company can became more responsive and nimble and build its new ‘order to end-consumer’ delivery model

      9:45 AM  -  10:30 AM
      Global Supply Chain System & Process Standards
      Tony Gabrielli, Director of Logistics Supply Chain Systems & Services, Bayer HealthCare, LLC

      Many global companies are continuing to look to their business process teams and IT organizations to standardize systems and processes around the world to leverage IT development synergies, improve process efficiencies, and reduce costs. In this session, learn how the Bayer HealthCare LLC - U.S. Customer Logistics Team took a balanced approach to systems and process standardization. As a result, Bayer was able to achieve significant harmonization of business and system processes on a global scale, while allowing greater flexibility to regional entities supporting complex “customer facing” supply chain initiatives.
      10:30 AM  -  11:00 AM
      Networking Break in Technology Solutions Zone
      11:00 AM  -  11:40 AM
      Breakout Session 1 - Choose One

      Customer Experience Initiative -End to End
      Gary Hirschel, Vice President, Global Operations, Life Fitness

      There are three critical touch points which customers evaluate every company on:
      1) The sales experience, 2) The delivery / Install, and 3) The service experience
      The customer experience is formed by every interaction a customer has with a company. You are judged on the outliers not the average. Learn how Life Fitness championed customer service and operations excellence and literally transformed people process and culture to elevate a customer-centric supply chain.

      Panel Discussion - How to Gain a 360° View of Your Supply Chain
      Max Beach, Corporate Logistics Manager, Northwest Pipe Company
      Lorne Brown, Director of Logistics, Topco Associates LLC
      Jon Kuerschner, Senior Director, Supply Chain Systems, Ashley Furniture

      While some transportation professionals suffer from a lack of information, others become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data available about the company’s supply chain. From inventory reporting to dock, load, fleet and employee scheduling, companies depend upon the accuracy of supply chain operations to track shipments while managing the transportation process. From manufacturers to wholesalers to retailers, all companies need visibility to optimize movements of goods for better service & cost. Join executives from Ashley Furniture, Northwest Pipe, and Topco as they discuss how their companies gained a 360° view of shipments, both within their own internal organizations and with external parties, to ultimately improve overall supply chain management.
      NeoGrid Roundtable
      Utilizing Effective Planning for Margin Improvement
      Jasper Zeelenberg, Co-Founder and Director, StreamPlanning

      Jasper Zeelenberg, Co-founder & Director of StreamPlanning—a full-service wholesale and distribution company in the fashion industry—explains how a fast and responsive value chain to retail effectively reduces margin waste. Attend this participative roundtable discussion focusing on how dynamic demand sensing effectively manages fast-moving items even when no forecast history is available.
      11:50 AM  -  12:30 PM
      Breakout Session 2 - Choose One

      Multi-Channel Logistics  and  e-Fulfillment: Addressing The Need Through Automation And Innovation
      Rod Gallaway, Vice President, Logistics Strategy, Design, Engineering & Facility Support, Staples

      With the growth of the internet and e-commerce, companies are responding to new logistics challenges both within the warehouse and new channels for delivery, such as direct to consumer or site-to-store. Learn how changes in technologies for ordering, warehousing and transportation are integrated to handle the increased variety and volumes across all customers.

      Connecting All the Dots for Operational Excellence
      Howard Hauser, Vice President, Operations, Hiawatha Rubber

      A lively discussion on what dots you should connect, how to connect them, and in what sequence to achieve a collaborative environment that will deliver superior value to your customers while leaving your competition scratching their heads and wondering how you are taking market share.

      Logility Roundtable: IO: Beyond Balancing Cost and Service

      Inventory optimization is a matter of right-sizing an organization's inventory investment to meet a given service target. Companies utilizing multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) have a more comprehensive understanding of their inventory and are twice as capable as others of balancing cost and service levels across their network. In this roundtable we explore MEIO in the real world, discuss how you want inventory optimization to work in your organization and walk through how scenario planning incorporating MEIO can dramatically impact your decision making.

      12:30 PM  -  1:30 PM
      Networking Lunch - Solutions Zone Open
      1:30 PM  -  2:10 PM
      3PL Technology Integration Panel
      Kristi Montgomery, Vice President, Information Technology, Kenco Management Services, LLC
      Ray Scher, Vice President, Information Technology Administration and Customer Service, ReTrans
      Gregory A. Knott, VP & CIO for Global Supply Chain Services, Ryder
      Rod Gallaway, Vice President, Logistics Strategy, Design, Engineering & Facility Support, Staples

      A discussion between CTO’s and 3PL partners on the issues to support transition to services provider.
      2:20 PM  -  3:00 PM
      Breakout Session 3 - Choose One

      An S&OP Success Story: Huhtamaki Packages Supply Chain Success
      Shawn Reckrodt, Director, Supply Chain Planning, Huhtamaki

      This session will illustrate how Huhtamaki has combined innovation and operational excellence to create some of the worlds’ most recognizable consumer good and foodservice containers which include the Chinet® brand. Discover how they set out on a course to streamline sales and operations planning (S&OP) process with hopes of enabling planners to boost forecast accuracy and optimize inventory production and placement. Hear how Huhtamaki made process and technology changes which helped to increase collaboration between operations and sales, reduce time spent gathering and manipulating data, and leveraged flexible views to analyze multiple S&OP scenarios.

      Supply Chain Organizational Evolution
      Ben Stewart, Enterprise Applications Director, Inteva Products

      As Enterprise Applications Director for Inteva Products, Ben Stewart transformed to new processes and technologies that allowed the $2.5 billion automotive supplier to improve the management of its global network of approximately 10,000 suppliers, including 1,000 direct suppliers. Stewart will describe the transition process, including lessons learned. He will also outline and demonstrate the specific improvements that streamlined processes and new technologies have enabled for the company’s supply chain management

      Lean Logistics Roundtable: The 3 C’s of Supply Chain

      As supply chains continue to evolve, organizations need innovation to ensure success. Join industry leaders in a roundtable discussion to examine how to handle the 3 C’s of Supply Chain –
      • Changes in the supply chain network
      • Complexities in transportation
      • Cost containment in today’s market
      This open forum will allow executives to share strategies, exchange best practices, learn about recent innovations, and address supply chain questions in an interactive discussion with other industry professionals.

      3:00 PM  -  3:30 PM
      Coffee Break
      3:30 PM  -  4:10 PM
      Breakout Session 4 - Choose One

      Demand Segmentation from Customer Through Fulfillment
      John Kuerschner, Senior Director, Supply Chain Systems, Ashley Furniture

      “Every Revolution Needs a Soundtrack" – The SkullCandy Supply Chain
      Daylen Bushman, Director of Global Logistics, Supply Chain Planning & Vendor Relations, SkullCandy

      In this session learn …
      • Skullcandy Origins and Overview
      • Supply chain challenges of a rapidly growing retailer- eCommerce, Growth, and Omni-channel
      • How the company has met those challenges
      • Strategies and Future Vision

      E2open Roundtable
      Social Supply Chain - Myth or Opportunity?

      In this session, hear from Lorenzo Martinelli, the leading expert at E2open on the impact of social technologies in supply chain. Lorenzo will lead an interactive group discussion while sharing the output of a recently completed primary research with CPG, High Tech, and Industrial companies, along with findings from a webinar jointly sponsored with McKinsey &Co., and incorporating recent findings from Aberdeen. Topics will include:
      • What are the potential opportunities for social technologies in supply chain
      • How could social collaboration tools improve the productivity of supply chain professionals
      • How could supply chains identify risks and improve demand sensing by leveraging social media
      • What are the challenges facing organizations that want to adopt social technologies in their supply chains
      • How can companies get started on a social supply chain roadmap today

      4:15 PM  -  4:55 PM
      Global S&OP
      Stacy Gleneck, Director, Customer Supply Chain and Demand Planning, Merck Customer Care

      Rolling out a demand planning system is challenging under normal circumstances. But, when global capabilities are needed to support aggressive growth strategies coupled with Sales and Operations Planning across more than 15 countries, the complexity grows. Merck Consumer Healthcare has entered new markets by building a global S&OP system to support the consumer division’s goal for tripling sales. Hear how within only 4 months, their implementation has improved forecast accuracy and driven profitability and efficiency on a global scale.
      4:55 PM  -  5:35 PM
      Collaborative Execution- Supply Chain Transformation in the Wake of Unplanned Events
      Marcos Meirelles, Vice President, Supply Base Management, Seagate

      Hear how Seagate Technology, a leading manufacturer of hard drives and storage solutions, is transforming their supply chain processes after a wake of unprecedented events. By taking the lessons learned from the floods in Thailand, Seagate is deploying a responsive, resilient and sustainable supply chain strategy leveraging collaborative execution from n-tier suppliers to end customers. Seagate is focused on critical aspects of its supply chain such as continuity of supply and flexible customer fulfillment to ensure they can meet the volatile demand driven requirements for their markets.
      5:35 PM  -  5:45 PM
      Day 1 Wrap Up and Introduction of Day 2
      5:45 PM  -  7:00 PM
      Cocktails! Happy Hour in the Solutions Zone
    • Wednesday, April 10, 2013
      7:30 AM  -  8:30 AM
      Breakfast in the Solutions Zone and Event Registration
      8:30 AM  -  8:45 AM
      Aberdeen Welcome and Introduction to Day 2
      8:45 AM  -  9:30 AM
      Keynote Address: Dynamic Discounting & Supply Chain Financing
      John Evarts, Chief Financial Officer, Mediafly

      The supply chain operating budget is growing as globalization with longer and more complex supply and transportation/trade lanes and volatile fuel and commodity prices. Stabilizing Supplier/Carrier Spend and payables/receivables and Increasing Return is the ultimate goal for the CFO, CPO and toady’s Chief Supply Chain Officer. Market leading companies are finding outsized returns on cash by leveraging dynamic discount management strategies. More specifically, technology-driven and well-capitalized companies across industries are offering their supplier networks early discount options providing returns that can dramatically outperform historically low interest rates. In this session learn about financing options and e-invoicing and how leading companies are using factoring and dynamic discounting to deliver higher effective discount rates and have immediate access to cash or capital. There are significant advantages to both Buyer and Seller which will be explained.
      9:40 AM  -  10:20 AM
      Breakout Session 5 - Choose One

      Supply Chain Visibility Enabling Global Trade
      Mark Baxa, Director of Global Trade Operations, Monsanto Company

      Learn how $13B Monsanto transformed and continues to rollout it global End-to-End Visibility & Trade Compliance Strategy. Across its global footprint learn the benefits of increase visibility and compliance to include:
      • Agility- Enhanced speed, by mitigating cycle time waste, leading to competitive advantage
      • Cost and Time Savings -Inbound clearance analysis leading to demurrage reduction
      • Inventory Savings -Enabling supply chain reliability leading to inventory optimization
      • Internal and External KPI Dashboards—global trade team, 3PL, carriers, couriers—will lead to performance improvements

      JDA Roundtable: Global Logistics Roundtable: Strategy, Innovation and Technology

      Join this Roundtable discussion to examine key innovative strategies in applying technology to various aspects of the global logistics domain. Discover how these strategies and practices can minimize cost, mitigate risk and increase network agility. We will examine several topics, including:

      • The debate between insourcing and outsourcing and the merits of a hybrid approach
      • The role of strategic and dynamic planning
      • The opportunity to create and leverage scale
      • The importance of network visibility

      This Roundtable is designed to encourage active dialogue and information sharing from the participants. Q&A is welcome. We look forward to your participation and an interactive, informative session.

      10:20 AM  -  10:50 AM
      Networking Break in Technology Solutions Zone
      10:50 AM  -  11:30 AM
      Breakout Session 6 - Choose One

      Innovation and Value Creation Through Supplier Collaboration
      Jon Washington, Senior Director, Product Sourcing, Diebold 

      Many organizations struggle with how to define innovation, capture value, and measure results from their supply chain. Join Jon as he tells a story and presents case studies in how sourcing teams can connect the dots, capture, and ultimately measure their supplier innovation pipeline to bottom line performance and amplify their success.

      The Benefits of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) : Barilla’s Growth Initiative
      Gianluigi Mason, Director, Supply Chain Planning, Barilla 

      Growth at Barilla has been accelerated through an innovative Vendor Managed Inventory Program. In Europe up to 40% of supply passes through this innovative model which offers key retail partners attractive price discounts and a share in overall savings coming from shipment/truckload consolidations, higher fill rates, and synchronized inventory and replenishment. Learn the why and how of the deployment in Europe and soon in the US and discover the success such collaboration brings to all parties through shared savings and supply chain efficiencies.

      UPS Roundtable: The Roll Out of a Global Cloud-Based OrderWatch System Expanding Customers Capabilities

      Hear from Tom Boike VP of Supplier Management at UPS as he describes the services that his organization provides to customers. Participate in a brief presentation about the customized service and systems UPS provides that extend the logistics service of customers across the globe. Hear about the recent roll-out of UPS’s cloud-based Supply Chain Visibility platform and the specific benefits it brings to the UPS customer including:
      • Control Tower approach closes the Loop on Inbound-to-Outbound Visibility, single version of the truth
      • Increased customer/supplier control — Enhanced monitoring of vendor bookings against Order/ shipment
      • Enables DC Bypass and speed to channel via Collaborative Execution

      11:40 AM  -  12:20 PM
      S&OP to Value Chain to Continuous Improvement: Pathway to Growth and Market Leadership
      Kevin Hall, Vice President, Supply Chain and Continuous Improvement, American Italian Pasta Company

      From the tsunami in Japan to hurricanes and other Supply chain disruptions, companies of all size and scale are confronted with how to best manage risk and insure against supply chain failure. In this session discover how companies are dealing with the issues and ensuring that their supply chains are resilient and financially efficient.
      12:20 PM  -  12:30 PM
      Event Wrap Up