Revenue Analytics Collaborative Summit
October 21 | 9 am - noon

INT_RAC_FINALHave you Heard about the the Revenue Analytics Collaborative, a great group of 800 Life Sciences professionals who come together to share and solve industry's challenges?

Each year, we hold an annual Summit, to bring all members together. This Summit is a highly productive and valuable time for topical roundtable discussion events, allowing members to come together to learn, share, and network.

This year, our Summit will be held Monday morning during the Access Insights Conference. We welcome all members of the Revenue Analytics Collaborative as well as any other Life Sciences manufacturers who are interested in learning more. 

RAC Summit Agenda

Our tentative agenda is as follows.


Revenue Analytics Benchmarking

Rotating Hot Topic Roundtables

  • 340B

  • Copay

  • Deal Analytics

  • GTN channel forecasting methodologies

  • Government Regulations and Legislation

  • Data/System Limitations and Benchmarking

  • Roadmap to Launch

  • Revenue Analytics – What is everyone really doing?

  • Specialty Pharmacy Payer mix

  • Medicaid Rebates

  • GTN Automation: Business Case, Case Studies

Who Should Join the RAC?

The Revenue Analytics Collaborative is a group of 800 business and financial professionals from more than 225 Life Sciences companies, who are focused on Commercial, Government, Gross-to-Net and Trade/Channel data, processes, and systems in the following areas. We welcome you to join the Collaborative prior to the Conference, or attend our Summit Monday morning to learn more.

  • Pricing & Contracting
  • Pre-Deal Analytics & Performance Monitoring
  • Rebate & Chargeback Management & Adjudication
  • Government Pricing Reporting & Analytics
  • Gross-to-Net Channel Forecasting & Scenario Modeling
  • Gross-to-Net Accrual & Balance Sheet Management, Reporting & Analytics
  • Channel Management and Distribution Analytics


For more information or to join the RAC, please contact the Collaborative's Executive Advisor, Jen Sharpe.


"The RAC Summit was a wealth of sharing and benchmarking practices. The setting allowed for candid conversation and exchange of ideas amongst my peers. The topics were relevant to today's ever-changing landscape. I look forward to the next one."

Director Revenue, Large Generic Manufacturer


“The Summit provided a great forum to learn about the challenges colleagues are facing in the industry. The smaller, focused roundtables sessions enabled you to really connect, learn and share insights into the true issues that we face on a day-to-day basis.”

Senior Manager Gross-to-Net, Large Branded Pharma


“The RAC Summit was a great forum to discuss relevant GTN challenges, connect with other GTN focused professionals and learn something new, which I did!”

Director Contracts & Pricing, Small Branded Manufacturer


“The RAC Summit was a great opportunity to network with our peers/friends in the pharma industry. The format was very appealing giving everyone the chance to discuss a variety of hot topics in one day. There was a nice mix of brand and generic representation giving everyone present a lot to talk about.  Looking forward to the next one!”

Director Price Management & Gross-to-Net, Large Generic Manufacture


“The RAC Summit gave me an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of select areas of GTN and learn how others address similar risks. It also made me realize that my team is not alone in our struggles and that the industry, as a whole, needs to support existing gaps in process through enhanced automated solutions. I look forward to another great Summit.”

Director Compliance & Gross-to-Net, Mid-Sized Generic Manufacturer

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