Accomplishing the Vision- Sherry Blair

Accomplishing The Vision Wondering how to transform your practice into an LVI practice? How to get your team on board? How to implement the systems? Sherry Blair can help you develop the vision of your LVI practice and then make it a reality. This program accelerates the attainment of your newly established goals. Whether this is your first LVI course or you are an LVI graduate wanting to move to the next level, in-office coaching will benefit your practice. Sherry Blair, an instructor at LVI, shares her more than 33 years of experience managing each and every system within the dental office.

Sherry has combined her acquired knowledge and personal experience to create an inspired, effective, and motivational curriculum that refines the systems surrounding the patient’s total experience in a dental practice. Sherry’s enthusiasm, humor, successful strategies, and gentle nature have made her a consultant who is in high demand. Her extensive exposure to most forms of practice management and dental systems, as well as her strong focus on patient satisfaction, make her uniquely qualified to enhance the efforts of any dental practice.

Topics Mastered Through Sherry’s two three-day customized in-office coaching sessions, the doctor and team can expect to achieve the following:

 Successful and effective verbal skills to increase case acceptance

 Sound financial arrangements to make ideal dentistry affordable

 Creating a customized new patient experience

 Creating a custom-designed treatment coordinator position

 Creating a custom-designed hygiene coordinator position

 Taming the insurance monster - overcoming objections

 Effective handoffs for continuity among team members

 Pre-blocking the schedule for success

 Treatment pending systems that work

 Successful team meetings for enhanced team communication


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