Welcome to ACCU Autumn Conf 


Over the past ten years Belfast has become one of Europe’s hottest tech destinations with an ever growing community or innovators and technologists. This is also reflected by the wide and diverse group of international and home-grown companies that have made Belfast their home to capitalise on the broad range, diversity and depth of talent in the marketplace.

This Autumn Belfast is host to the C++ Autumn WG21 ISO standards meeting. A week long meeting which will see the biggest names in the C++ world and some of the biggest names in programming descend on Belfast to work on the upcoming C++20 international standard.

This will be one of the largest deep tech events that Belfast has seen with an exciting number of key thinkers and leaders in the programming field all together in one place, at one time, and so we have decided to capitalise on this to kickstart a new ACCU Autumn Conference to be held annually in Belfast.

This new conference will build on the popularity of the annual Spring ACCU conference with a more defined focus on "the evolution of programming" as a catch-all aspiration. This won’t be about any one technology or language but rather a celebration of the diversity and richness of the wider programming and development languages, communities and ecosystems.



So what does the “evolution of programming” actually mean? We believe that it means delegates can:

  1. Have an opportunity to hear deep technical talks from industry experts
  2. Gain valuable exposure to new language and development trends
  3. Achieve a better understanding of people, team and organisational trends

Which is all to say we believe that delegates will learn something new, find peers to share experiences with, and in general come away feeling re-energised with rejuvenated interest in what they do and how they do it.


This first year there will undoubtedly be a large number of talks that have roots in the C++ programming space, after-all we are using the WG21 event to help kickstart a highly attractive conference programme rarely seen in a shorter 2 day conference (next year we envisage a 3 day event).

However we’ve also taken great care to ensure there is at least one track throughout the whole conference that caters to the polyglot programmer, or in fact any programmer of any experience. In short there will be something for everyone. The goal of the conference is to promote learning and cross-pollination of ideas between disciplines and languages. This year there will be less emphasis on people, teams and organisational trends but we will expect that to feature heavily next year.


The one thing we can guarantee is that attendees will experience a deep tech conference where everyone learns at least one thing that is useful, which they can take back to their day job. That, and a great time meeting new people and joining a wider community!

We look forward to welcoming you to ACCU Autumn Conf!

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