Refund Policy

You may request a cash refund for the full amount of any previously purchased badge, event ticket or AdeptiCon merchandise item through January 10th, 2020. There will be NO REFUNDS in the webcart or onsite after January 10th, 2020. AdeptiCon cannot be responsible for travel, attendance or event issues caused by an Act of God(s), including, but not limited to, war, strike, act of terrorism, severe weather, or natural disaster.

Refunded Tickets: In the spirit of fairness, tickets returned for sold out events prior to the start of the event will be offered to those on the appropriate wait list. Tickets for sold out events MAY NOT be transferred to another person. Additionally, tickets for sold out events purchased from another individual, eBay or the like will not be honored by AdeptiCon. You have been warned! There will be no refunds onsite.

Team Ticket Purchases: Tickets for team events are bound to the original purchaser. In certain instances we may allow that purchaser to transfer the team ticket to another existing team member (as listed at signup), but this will be handled on a case per case basis. You must contact us with your request.

Cart Credit: You can trade in anything purchased for the current year in the AdeptiCon Webcart for credit towards another event or merchandise. This credit can even be used toward future events. To receive credit, please email before March 6th with a list of events you wish to drop and a list of events you wish to add.

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