Advanced Clinical Physiologic Diagnosis

This two and one half day, clinically-based session is specifically designed for the neuromuscular clinician and team to identify and develop the skills necessary to successfully implement everyday usage of a computer-aided occlusal evaluation system, and to observe the interpretations of the various scans used in diagnosis and occlusal treatment applications.

Dr. Jay Gerber has designed this course for the busy practicing NM dentist in order to provide practical applications that permit the immediate integration diagnostic and treatment protocols for a computer-aided occlusal evaluation. For the beginner and advanced provider this session will present effective use of computer-aided evaluation in your office.

Experienced instructors, Gerber and Ferro, share many years of expertise from different perspectives to present protocols on correct scan recording, interpretations and systems operations. There will be further instruction about appliance design as it relates to scan interpretations, data for the initial phase 1 orthotic design, placement and subsequent adjustment appointments to stabilization.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn through comprehensive lectures and live demonstrations. Practical solutions will be discussed when observing individual case studies (scans) presented by course participants. An extensive and detailed course manual that includes examples of all the scans covered and worksheets is provided to everyone attending. Note cards that are used for instant chair-side reference for scan protocols and interpretations will also be provided.

It is highly recommended that team members participating in the course have prior experience with computer-aided evaluation.

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