Advanced Computer-Aided Occlusal Evaluation System Training & Interpretation

This is two day, advanced, hands-on Doctor course, designed  to: (1) focus on the correct 
operation of the K7 Evaluation System, to ensure that the system is being used to its full 
potential. (2) Explore the objective and protocol of each scan to make sure the data is correct 
and, (3) how the scan data relates to recording Myobite.
There will be a minimum of lecture (25%) and a maximum of hands-on (75%) time. Participants 
will record K7 data on each other, evaluate the data, determine a correct bite position based on 
the data, record a Myobite, and confirm the new bite position with post K7 data.
Scan Interpretation is just what the name implies. It is not Differential Diagnosis! That is what 
we do in the Post Core classes. Scan Interpretation is one piece of the Differential Diagnosis 

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:
  • Operate the K7 Evaluation System to its fullest potential
  • Understand the objective and protocol of each K7 scan
  • Relate the K7 data to the Myobite


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