Advanced Data Center Switching - Custom 3-day


November 27 to 29, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Syracuse NY




This 3-day custom class is derived from the 5-day ADCX Juniper CourseParticipants should have attended IJOS (Introduction to Junos Operating System), JIR (Junos Intermediate Routing) and JEX (Junos Enterprise Switching) or have equivalent knowledge/training.

The instructor will attempt to keep the timelines as shown below. However, depending on the questions asked and students’ previous technical experience, it is possible that the outline may vary slightly in terms of content flow, timing, order, and coverage.  All students are required to bring a laptop.

Tentative Agenda

Day 1:

Chapter 1: Course Introduction
Chapter 2: System Overview

• Traditional Multitier Architecture Challenges
• Next Generation data Center Fabrics
• QFX5100 Series Switches
• Additional Features
Chapter 3: Zero Touch Provisioning
• Understanding Zero Touch Provisioning
• ZTP in Action: A Working Example
• Lab 1: Zero Touch Provisioning
Chapter 4: In-Service Software Upgrade
• Understanding ISSU on QFX5100 Series Switches
• ISSU in Action: A Working Example
• Lab 2: In-Service Software Upgrade

Day 2:
Chapter 5: MC-LAG
• MC-LAG Overview
• MC-LAG Operations
• Deploying MC-LAGs
• Lab 3: MC-LAG
Chapter 6: IP Fabric
• IP Fabric Overview
• IP Fabric Routing
• IP Fabric Scaling
• Configure an IP Fabric
• Lab 8: IP Fabric

Day 3 (Estimated)
Chapter 7: VXLAN
• Layer 2 Connectivity over a Layer 3 Network
• VXLAN Using Multicast Control Plane
• VXLAN Configuration
• Lab 2: VXLAN
Chapter 8: EVPN
• The Benefits of EVPN
• VXLAN using EVPN Control Plane
• EVPN/VXLAN Configuration
• Lab 3: VXLAN with EVPN Signaling

This training is free, thanks to our friends at Juniper and Mainline!  Space is limited.  Register today!

  • Where

  • NYSERNet Syracuse
    100 South Salina Street
    Suite 100 (Oswego Metro Center)
    SYRACUSE, New York 13202-1801