Advanced Physiologic Team 1

A powerful two-day overview of the critical screenings that need to be assessed in gathering the data for comprehensive diagnosis. This course is designed to help a good assistant become exceptional with the initial New Patient Experience to allow that patient to take the co-diagnosis journey and arrive at the realization of how much may be occurring in their mouth. It is well understood that the foundation must be solid prior to reconstructions or placing restorations, however one critical aspect of the foundation is very poorly assessed and addressed. This will provide the tools to help the patient see not just the occlusal foundation, but also the importance of the airway. 

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to: 

 Explain why physiologic balance is so important in treatment planning 

 Screen for airway issues 

 Gather data efficiently for a comprehensive diagnosis 

 Prepare a presentation of the data to help the patient to assess their own situation 

 Help the patient to appreciate the importance of occlusion and their bite

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