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Advances in Legume Science and Practice 2

at École supérieure d’agricultures, Angers, France
01-03 September 2021

(BASIS Point will be applied for)

NEW Deadline for submission of offers is 31 May 2021

Deadline for submission of full manuscripts (all papers and posters)
for publication is 30 June 2021


In this, the second conference of our Legumes series, we plan to bring together individuals from a broad spectrum of disciplines to explore the role of legumes in sustainable agriculture, with an emphasis on ecosystem services. Legumes have the potential to play a substantial role in sustainable agriculture, as a resource for pollinators and birds, in intercropping regimes, providing break crops in rotations, enhancing soil nitrogen levels, accessing soil phosphorous and promoting soil biodiversity. The overall GHG emissions associated with legume foods are low, the products are highly nutritious, and many raw legumes products can be readily stored for long periods without spoilage, so their role in sustainable food production and security is also growing.

Based in the western Loire valley we anticipate that delegates will be able to deepen their understanding of the topics, expand their networks, and enjoy late spring weather in the spectacular medieval city of Angers and surroundings. A public event (in French) will also be held locally in collaboration with Terres des Science in order to maximise the local impact of the conference.

Broad topics are expected to include:

  • Legumes in semi-natural systems
  • Biodiversity and legumes, including soils
  • Nutrient cycling
  • Pollination
  • Legumes uses and future market perspectives
  • Field to market – legume food systems
  • Pests and diseases
  • Quality traits and breeding in relation to end use
  • Legumes in future farming systems

Invited speakers include:

  • Alain Baranger (INRA, France)
  • Christine Watson (SRUC, Aberdeen)
  • Bertrand Pinel (Terrena, France)

Accepted papers/posters will be published in the Aspects of Applied Biology series and available as part of the conference pack. Primary authors of accepted papers will be notified by session organisers and sent instructions for the papers (6–8 pages for platform and 2–6 pages for poster presentations).

Offers Submission:

Offers in the form of a short summary/abstract should be submitted by 31 May 2021

You can submit your offer online at our website:

Click on CONFERENCE in the menu bar of the website then select Submit an Abstract from the dropdown menu. Simply, you can click on the "Upload An Abstract" button shown above & below and it will do the job for you. All you need to do then is to complete the form with your personal details, email address, select the conference title you would like to submit your abstract for, indicate whether your offer is for a platform presentation or a poster, upload your file and finally click on submit abstract and Job done! Alternatively, you can send your abstract to Dr John Andrews at the AAB Office:

Should you have any further queries regarding abstracts/papers submission, or poster and platform presentaions, please contact Dr John Andrews as above.

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