Aesthetic Orthodontics: Practice Integration Programs
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Straight Teeth. Beautiful Smiles. In as Little as Six Months.

Aesthetic Orthodontics offers you elegant, practical treatment solutions with clear braces, a widely popular and predictable approach to creating beautiful smiles with short overall treatment times. Our proven formula makes it easy for cosmetic-minded clinicians to give patients the smiles they’ve always wanted, while completing orthodontic cases in as little as six months!

Expand your treatment options and elevate your aesthetic practice to the next level. Designed for the cosmetic-minded dentist, access proven strategies and a step-by-step approach to Aesthetic Orthodontics™ that will excite and inspire you, and lead you to new practice success. Learn the importance of case selection, diagnostics, treatment planning, and how to complete most aesthetic orthodontic cases in six months or less!

This comprehensive program series provides the knowledge, hands-on experience, and practice support to rapidly achieve consistent, extraordinary results. Access the foundational principles of orthodontics, including classifications, treatment approaches, materials and mechanics, including today’s most innovative, efficient appliances. Aesthetic Orthodontics offers key decision criteria, standardized protocols and tools, to ensure your confidence in providing cosmetic, orthodontic solutions for your patients!


75% of adults said their professional and personal lives were improved by orthodontic treatment **3
48% of people say a person’s smile is the physical feature they notice first when meeting someone new **2
89% of people agree that a great smile significantly enhances a person’s attractiveness and self-esteem **1
**1 - 2013 AAO Study conducted by Impulse Research Corp.
**2 - 2015 AACD Cosmetic Dentistry State of Industry Survey.
**3 - 2013 AACD Cosmetic Dentistry State of Industry Survey.

Course Objectives

During this program, you’ll access today’s most innovative tools and protocols to provide your patients with a comfortable, efficient treatment experience, and remarkable clinical results! You’ll learn:

Level 1

  • Smile Perceptions and Impressions
  • Foundations of Orthodontics
  • Case Selection, Diagnostics & Treatment Planning
  • Patient Education and Case Acceptance
  • Patient Process, Treatment Protocols and Forms
  • Hands-On Exercises
  • Getting Started: Monday Morning Protocol

Achieve a positive return on investment (ROI) by the completion of your first orthodontic case!