Aging & Baby Boomers


In this two part webinar series learn how to accommodate older employees and customers respectively. Presenter John Dineen takes a look at accommodations and how the ADA can be used to benefit employer, employee, and customer alike.

With this you have access to documents and videos for Parts 1 and 2 of Aging & Baby Boomers.


Webinar Length:
Each part is approximately 90 minutes

Part 1: John Dineen   “Aging and Disability and the Boomers”

1.Learn some key differences between people who acknowledge their disabilities and think of themselves as a ‘person with a disability’ and those persons who gradually acquire a disability through aging or repetitive issues but would not describe or think of themselves as a ‘person with a disability.
2.Learn a key population demographic change ushered in by Boomers.
3.Be able to recall at least four consequences of our aging demographic changes
4.Learn some of the risk factors for disability, and possible disabilities faced by an aging Boomer population.
5.Learn some of the possible areas in which the business community and other service areas might need to provide ‘accommodation’.

Part 2: John Dineen “Aging And Disability”
1.You will Learn the characteristics of customers who have a disability but do not acknowledge as such.
2.You will Learn the different population ‘age’ groups and few of their characteristics.
3.Be able to recall how Boomers differ from their parents
4.What are some frequently asked questions by business owners about disability and the ADA?
5.You will be able to List some possible disabling conditions and possible accommodations in the workplace, shopping or service arenas.

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