Sunday, June 14, 2019

Local Winery Tour and Reception

Join us for a pre-conference local winery tour and reception to Happy Valley Winery and Mount Nittany Winery. The tour includes a tasting notes booklet and stemless wineglass souvenir. Bus transportation is provided.

 Happy Valley Winery
Established 18 years ago, Happy Valley Winery’s history is as rich as its wine. Three acres of vines grow on land cultivated over 120 years ago. The winery itself was built 7 years ago and is newer than the vineyard. Besides the delicious wine, the best thing about Happy Valley Winery is the incredibly helpful staff. With their advanced taste buds, they can find exactly what wine will suit you. They also offer free wine tastings in their tasting room! Happy Valley Winery grows 13 different types of grapes and 90% of each bottle of wine contains grapes straight from the vineyard. Who knew something fermented could be so fresh?    
Happy Valley 

   Mount Nittany Vineyard and Winery
Mount Nittany owner Joe Carroll began making wine back in the 1970s. He and his wife Betty purchased 65 acres and began their lives as wine makers in 1983. They quickly went from amateurs to award-winners as their wines began attracting attention. Today, they make about 13,000 gallons of wine in just a year, as demand has grown. Not only do they offer tastings, they also offer extensive tours. 

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