AIChE Chicago Section Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund Donation

My fellow AIChE members;

Someday we shall all want to retire and enjoy the fruits of our labors. Toward that goal, we need to plan and train our replacements to follow our example. You can do that with little effort by encouraging the next generation of engineers to enter and continue their education in our field and practice chemical engineering as a professional. For this purpose, the AIChE Chicago Section has established a Scholarship, available only to currently enrolled or planning to enroll in an ABET credited college or university of their choice in a chemical engineering discipline. By contributing to the principal of the Scholarship Fund, which is separate from the section operating funds, you can help us make that happen. We, as a technical society, need to continually find and encourage the talented students to become engineers and bring them into our profession. Small contributions now will pay big dividends in the future.

Please consider a donation to the AIChE Chicago Section Scholarship Fund by: a. funding immediate need, b. contributing to the endowment of the scholarship program, or c. both. Students affiliated with the AIChE Chicago local section (either attended a high school or attending an ABET credited college or university in the serving area) can apply for this scholarship.

The total amount of the scholarship for each individual is a maximum of $2000 over four (4) years of enrollment, which needs to be renewed annually.

To contribute, please make your check payable to: "AIChE Chicago Section Scholarship Fund", and mail it to:

AIChE Chicago Section Scholarship Committee
13964 Doral Lane
Homer Glen, IL 60491

or: Visit and click on the” Donate” button, and make your contributions using a credit card.

When making a contribution, please provide your name and address. The section will send a thank you letter to document your contribution to a AIChE, a nonprofit organization under the IRS code at section 501(c)3 (Tax Deductible).


Thank you in advance for your consideration and contribution.
Very truly yours,
Azita Ahmadzadeh
AIChE Chicago Section Scholarship Development Team