International Travel Tips

All international World Congress attendees should apply for a B-2 visitor visa at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate in order to enter the United States as a tourist. Please visit the U.S. Department of State website for more information on the different types of visas.

In addition to your passport and any required fee or payment of fee receipt, we recommend that you take the following documents with you to the U.S. consulate:

Your registration confirmation email for the World Congress. After you have completed your registration for the 2018 World Congress you will receive an email containing confirmation information. This will include the dates for the event, the location of the Norwich University campus and a welcome message from ALARA.

Required visa application form, along with photographs as stated on the U.S. Department of State website.

Evidence of ties to the home country. The reason U.S. consular officers most frequently deny B-2 visa applications is a lack of evidence of strong ties to the visitor's home country. Under U.S. law, consular officers are not supposed to issue a B visa if they do not believe the applicant has ties that will bring him or her back home.

Support letter from ALARA & Norwich University (optional). If you think you may have trouble obtaining a visa, please feel free to request a letter of invitation from the World Congress planning committee using the "Contact Us" form. U.S. consular officers sometimes ask B-2 visa applicants for a letter certifying that the people inviting them are in fact from the United States. The letter will verify that you have registered to attend the World Congress, note the event dates and the location of the event. Generally though, this document is not required to obtain a B-2 visa.

Other Tips

Other helpful tips for applying for a visa:

Apply early - wait times for interviews can vary by location, season, and visa category so make sure to schedule your visa interview to allow you enough time to complete other travel arrangements in a timely manner.

Do not make final travel plans or buy tickets without first obtaining a visa. It cannot be guaranteed that you will be issued a visa so avoid the unnecessary expense of non-refundable items.

Apply multiple times - if for some reason the consular officer that you see denies your visa request, it is perfectly acceptable - and may even be necessary - to apply again. 

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