Alarm rationalisation and its practical impact

The purpose of this Lunchtime Forum is to define the scope and application of the Alarm Rationalisation and Implementation phases and how they continue the process of meeting the IEC 62682 Standard.


Alarm Rationalisation is the process of reviewing, validating and justifying alarms that meet the criteria of an alarm. In other words, there is a defined operator response within a timely period.  The output of the Rationalisation exercise is to safeguard the process is safe and produce a revised Master Alarm Database (MAD ) which is delivered to the operator, advising on the consequences of inaction and the advised operator response to the alarm.


The final rationalised system should have minimal critical alarms and only those that require operator intervention. All other alarms should be events only or categorised as a lower priority dependent upon the consequence matrix defined within the sites Philosophy document.

  • When

  • Thursday, 30 November, 2017
    12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

  • Where

  • The Grange Manor Hotel, Grangemouth
    The Grange Manor Hotel,
    Stirlingshire FK3 8XJ
    01324 474 836