The topics featured in AMMONIUM SULFATE 2018 deliver expert perspectives you need to manage your business and capture growing demand:

  • Wednesday, September 12, 2018
    8:00 AM  -  9:00 AM
    Networking Breakfast
    Join your peers and colleagues from across the ammonium sulfate/ATS complex for a great start to a day of valuable insight.
    9:05 AM  -  9:50 AM
    Solving Moisture Uptake Challenges in Fertilizer Bulk AS Blends

    Ammonium sulfate is renowned for its sensitivities to moisture and the associated difficulties in storage, handling, blending and application.

    Using techniques typically reserved for the food industry, ArrMaz has developed new coating technology that holds the promise of easier use of AS across the value chain, from production to packaging through end use.

    Join us to hear how this new technology works, and how these improvements pave the way for expanded use, reduced loss and lower costs across the board.

    Along the way you'll get a detailed knowledge of:

    • The challenges associated with fertilizer blends containing ammonium sulfate and urea
    • The fundamental mechanism which increases moisture uptake susceptibility
    • Lab equipment and test methods used to screen and develop new technologies to address this problem
    • Current mitigation options and solutions in development
    9:50 AM  -  10:35 AM
    Flue Gas Desulfurization: Asia Case Studies Identify Advantages for the U.S.

    Addressing very stringent emissions standards, Jiangnan Environmental Technology in 2014 released its latest flue gas desulfurization technology. With installs now numbering into the hundreds, JET is established as one of the most prevalent FGD providers in the world, with ammonium sulfate as the primary byproduct of the system.

    In this session you'll explore case studies from Asia that represent a vision for what's possible in the U.S., and what can be achieved with respect to FGD implementation and by-production of AS. You'll take a look at the process itself, and learn why if in the past U.S. coal burning facilitates may have passed on FGD technology, it's now worth another look.

    In addition to catching up on FGD AS by-production technology, this session looks at the future of what the supply-side will look like from this sector.

    10:35 AM  -  10:50 AM
    Morning Networking Break
    10:50 AM  -  11:35 AM
    New Thinking in Cold Weather Storage of Ammonium Thiosulfate

    Cold weather is not a friend of amthio. Salt precipitation can render the product useless, make for a total loss, and create one heck of a mess.

    This physical limitation has created complexities in timing, storage, and transportation to make sure the product is viable and available when and where it's needed. The dynamic has very likely hindered the expansion of ATS in northern regions.

    Heartland Tank, a 3rd generation company with 30+ years of experience in storage tanks, has a new and novel solution to this old problem. In this session you'll hear about the heated tank technology that Heartland has developed to allow ATS storage in cold climates.

    You will also gain insight on what's driving demand for these new storage facilities, and see where new markets might be opening up in colder climes.

    11:35 AM  -  12:20 PM
    Obstacles In the Use of FGD Technology: Missing the Opportunities of ATS Byproduct

    Despite the commercial value of ATS byproduct, the prospect of designing, installing and maintaining FGD technology and its related expertise is a daunting process.

    In this session you'll hear from a global leader in process technology to get a clear understanding of the key considerations related to FGD installations. First we'll discuss the latest ATS technology and some of the advances made over the years. Then you'll hear installation case studies and get inside details on the processes and decision points that are inevitable when contemplating ATS technologies.

    Along the way, you'll get a clear understanding of the obstacles that ATS clients/refineries experience when using the technology related to in-house expertise, materials handling, and the business of capitalizing on by-production.

    12:20 PM  -  1:35 PM
    Networking Luncheon
    1:35 PM  -  2:20 PM
    The Agronomic Benefit of Ammonium Sulfate: Where Ag Demand is Created

    Ammonium sulfate was one of the earliest nitrogen fertilizers to be widely adopted. Its nutritional benefits include (of course) both efficient ammonium nitrogen (21%) and readily available sulfate sulfur (24%), making it practical in a variety of agricultural uses. With reduced environmentally available sulfur due to higher air quality standards, AS is now more than ever an important fertilizer to improve crop yields.

    In this session you will hear from a leading producer of ammonium sulfate, where you'll learn about the agronomic benefits of this versatile fertilizer and about several crop categories which currently benefit from ammonium sulfate.

    Drawing from several years of agronomic research, this session will also identify a prospective area of demand based on modern higher yielding seed genetics in a crop category you may not have expected to hear.

    2:20 PM  -  3:05 PM
    Caprolactam Outlook to 2028

    If you operate in the ammonium sulfate value chain, understanding the expected production volumes of caprolactam is essential.

    Increasing demand for nylon 6 from the technology and auto sectors (particularly in Asia), combined with U.S. duties in China and technological advances have made for a less-than-clear picture of capro (and AS co-product) supply.

    In this session you'll take a close look at how much caprolactam will be produced, and by extension, how much ammonium sulfate co-product to expect over the next 5 years. In addition, you'll identify any circumstances that would impact the forecast so you know what areas to watch.

    3:05 PM  -  3:35 PM
    Afternoon Networking Break
    3:35 PM  -  4:20 PM
    Towards the End of the Ammonium Sulfate Value Chain

    By the end of the day, as an attendee of AMMONIUM SULFATE 2018, you've gained a very clear picture of the front-end of the ammonium sulfate value chain. But what resources and assets are brought to bear at the end?

    This session features market expert who will share insights on the key suppliers of AS and identify the North American distribution and retail assets. You'll get a clear understanding of the key players and resources that bring this unique fertilizer product to the market.

    Along the way, we'll discuss the main consuming crops for AS and where demand originates from growers.

    4:20 PM  -  5:05 PM
    AS and ATS Market Outlook: Supply, Demand and Price Forecasts to 2025

    With many variables impacting AS and ATS prices, it's hard to know what to expect in both the short term and out years when it comes to price levels.

    In this session you'll hear from Green Markets' lead industry analyst as he breaks down the global AS and ATS markets in detail. Join in to get a clear understanding of the supply, demand and product utilization rates expected in 2018 and beyond to 2030.

    In addition you'll hear his exclusive price forecasts based on a trusted, reasoned methodology that has proven to be highly accurate across fertilizer markets. Always a highly rated, informative session, the Green Markets outlook is not one to miss!

    5:15 PM  -  6:15 PM
    Networking Cocktail Reception
    Green Markets is pleased to invite you to stay for an always highly-rated post-event reception. It's a great opportunity to make new connections from across the nitrogen complex.