Applying to Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - 2:00 PM Eastern Time

We look forward to your participation in the Applying to Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design: webinar! The Housing Assistance Council uses Adobe Connect, a third party provider, to conduct our online training classes. Please use the information below to help you join our session.

Check Compatibility Before the Webinar

It is recommended that you test your computer prior to attending a meeting hosted via Adobe Connect. You can do this by going to

If you do not pass the test, perform the suggested actions on-screen and run the test again. Note: As a meeting participant, it is not required to install the Adobe Connect Add-In (Step 4 of the connection test), but it may enhance your meeting experience.

You can also review the Visual Quick Start Guide for Participants, a learning resource available via the Adobe Connect Learning Center.

Join the Webinar

Join Webinar – Click the Join Webinar link or button in your registration confirmation or reminder email to enter the training classroom. Join the Meeting Audio  – You will be prompted to join meeting audio via one or more of the options below:

  1. Listen Only: Choose this if you prefer to listen to the meeting through your computer speakers or headphones. To ask a question, you must use the Q&A pod, as the trainer will not be able to hear you. 
  2. Using Microphone (Computer/Device): Choose this if you prefer to participate in the meeting using your computer microphone and computer speakers or headphones.  During meetings attendees may be muted during the presentation. 
  3. Dial-Out: Provide your telephone number to receive a phone call and join the audio. 
  4. Dial-In: Use your phone to call the conference line provided. You will need to provide the conference number. You should also provide your attendee ID number to connect your audio. 

 WebinarConnectAudio copy 

Participate in the Webinar

We encourage you to use the webinar/meeting tools that available in the session to enhance your experience. 

  • White Board - A whiteboard will be available to create text, lines, circles, squares, and other freehand drawings in real time during a meeting.
  • Notes – A notetaker will use this pod to create and share minutes and/or notes from the session. 
  • Attendees – The attendees pod provides a participant list and participant status, such as raise hand, agree/disagree or applause.  You can change your status to provide feedback to the presenter and other attendees. To change your status, click the arrow on the Status Options dropdown list on the Application Bar and select your desired status option.



  • Video – During the session, you will be able to view and/or share video using your webcam. To share video click the webcam icon in the Application Bar to access your webcam and preferences.
  • Chat - To send a message to everyone, simply type your message in the chat pod and hit enter or click the send icon.
  • Download Files – Related documents may be available for you download and reference during or after training. 
  • Browse to Links – Some related webpages may be available to access further training resources.
  • Poll – During the meeting/webinar, polls may be made available to gauge attendee knowledge or vote on an item. 
  • Q&A – Send us any questions that we can answer during or after training. 
  • Browse to Links – Some related webpages may be available to access further training resources.


I am trying to join the meeting, but it hasn't started.

Our trainers will start the session 5-10 minutes before the class time listed. If it is before that time, please wait until the trainer has opened the audio conference and started the meeting.

The start time has passed and the trainer has not joined the session.

There may be a few reasons why the trainer has not joined the session. Troubleshoot the issues in the order listed below:
  • Confirm the start time and time-zone of the meeting. Your registration confirmation email will tell you the start time and time-zone of the meeting. Need help calculating the start time of the meeting for your time-zone? Try using the "Add to Calendar" option from your confirmation email or referencing a time zone converter*.
  • The class may have been canceled or rescheduled. While we rarely need to re-schedule classes, sometimes it happens! We will always send an email to anyone registered with cancellation or re-scheduling information in advance, so check your inbox for details.
  • The trainer may be having trouble joining the session. There is a lot of technology involved with producing a webinar, and sometimes we may experience technical difficulties too! We will do our best to let you know on-screen, via email, through the chat or over the teleconference that we are having trouble, but please bear with us as we try to get everything working.
  • We may be running behind. On rare occasion, our trainer might be running a few minutes late - it happens to the best of us! We apologize in advance for the inconvenience. 

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