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During ARIN 40, we will provide remote participation options, including a webcast, live transcript, and chat rooms.

The live transcript will record the presentations and discussions from the meeting floor, so you can read along to enhance your webcast viewing. There will also be a variety of chat room options available to registered remote participants. Remote registration is free, and all remote registrants will be listed as registered participants on the meeting website and in the archive of the meeting on the ARIN website.

ARIN makes all the materials used during the meeting available on its website. Closer to the meeting, you will be able to download a copy of the discussion guide, the most recent version of the Number Resource Policy Manual, and and all the other informational and support materials to aid your participation.

We strongly encourage you to log in to both chat rooms before the meeting begins to test this functionality so that you can participate fully when the meeting starts. Please see the details below about registering for remote participation and setting up your XMPP client of choice before this time.

Webcast and Live Transcript Information

Links to the meeting webcast video and audio streams are provided below. The live transcript is also provided on these pages, as well as on a standalone page. Live streaming will start at least 15 to 30 minutes before the start of the meeting each day.

Video, audio, and text streams:

Meeting Survey

Presentations and Materials

Meeting Materials & Presentations

Presentations will be posted on the ARIN website as they are available, with updates generally occurring each morning, during lunch, and after the meeting each day.

Chat Information

The chat rooms are for the express use of remote participants. You must register as a remote participant and register your Jabber ID (JID) in order to submit comments and questions and vote in straw polls. Chat Rooms will open before the meeting begins. Please note that all times listed on the agenda are Pacific Time. In this chat, moderated by representatives from the Advisory Council, you will be able to ask questions for inclusion in the policy discussions. Questions will be entered into the discussion alternately with the microphone queues on the meeting floor. When the chair poses a question, a moderator will submit it to the chat room, and participants will be given an opportunity to "raise their hands." The poll count will be included as part of the vote count in the meeting record and provided to the AC for use in its deliberations.

Please note: There is a variable time delay between actual events at the meeting venue and the webcast. Although the channel monitor will inform the chat room that the presenter has asked for questions, you should ask your question as soon as you can.

Chat Support

ARIN supports the XMPP protocol for chat – XMPP is also known as Jabber and remote participants will need to do two things to participate in the ARIN meeting chat rooms:  You must select and install a client; and then register yourself as a XMPP user on the XMPP server of your choice. Make sure your XMPP server supports server-to-server encryption.  Once these two actions are complete, you will able to register as a remote participant and be active in the chat sessions. If you already use XMPP, be sure to enter your JID when you submit your registration.

Installing a XMPP client

There are a number of options available for installing XMPP clients including using a stand-alone client for desktop or mobile devices or using a web browser-based client. The majority of users choose to install a client on their own computer.

There is a listing of clients available at that are available at Most of the clients on that list are free to install and use. At ARIN, most staff members use Pidgin on Windows and Linux; the Mac users rely on Adium or iChat. We are highly familiar with these clients, and recommend their use.

Registering your Jabber ID (JID)

Once you have selected your XMPP client, you will need to register with a XMPP server to get a Jabber ID (JID). Your JID is required on the remote participation registration form so you can log in to the restricted meeting chats. In addition to platform-specific clients, you can also view browser-based options at and look for a browser-based option that will allow you to register a JID. For all methods, your resulting JID should look like an email address, i.e.

Please note that we have had issues with Google IDs in the past, and we cannot guarantee interoperability if you chose to register using that service.

Register for Remote Participation

To register for remote participation, simply click on the "Register" link in the right-hand navigation or at the bottom of the page and choose the "Remote Participant" option. All registered remote participants are subject to the Remote Participation Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Registration is not required to view the webcast or the live transcript.

Joining the Meeting Chat Room

Please be sure to register your Jabber ID (JID) before the meeting begins. We will make every effort to add late remote registrations at the next scheduled meeting break, but we strongly encourage you to pre-register to make sure you don't miss out on any of the action. Please make sure you register as a remote participant and supply your JID in time to participate.

Each XMPP client has a different process to join rooms, so you should consult your specific client documentation for details. In many of the clients, each room is defined as a "group". The two things you will need to know are the group name and server. The group names are referenced above under "Chat Information." These groups will be on the "" server.

You can update your meeting registration information to add a JID at any time. ARIN staff will check for new JIDs and update the list of registered remote participants at the opening of the day. Please make sure you register as a remote participant and supply your JID in time to participate.

We strongly encourage you to log in to both chat rooms to test this functionality before the meeting begins so that you can participate fully when the meeting starts.

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