Luis Carriere
As the inventor of Carriere® Motion™ Appliances and the Carriere SLX™ Bracket System, Dr. Carrière will share the ultimate success formula. Learn how to correct Class II and III malocclusions at the beginning of treatment, providing unique efficiencies and resulting in minimal extractions.nces
Dr Kaku.jpg
John Kaku
Dr. Kaku will share a new perspective on orthodontics and offer a roadmap to Simplify Aligner Therapy using less trays and achieving superior results.
Jep Paschal
Orthodontic practices are relying on digital applications to achieve new levels of clinical excellence. Dr. Paschal will share how digital intelligence can increase our clinical efficiencies, effectiveness, and patient satisfaction, and why we should pay attention in this progressive era.
Norihide Tsubura
Passionate about the advantages of using Carriere Motion Appliances in his practice. His impressive clinical results show the benefits of achieving a Class I platform at the very beginning of treatment.
Scott Frey
Soft Tissue Sculpting for Lifetime Esthetics: The Use of Injectables for
Optimal Orthodontic Outcomes. Access revolutionary new applications from the pioneer of Soft Tissue Orthodontics™. Learn how to incorporate injectables, design treatment for lifetime esthetics, and optimal orthodontic outcomes.
David Paquette