Beginners Orthodontics: Physiologic Orthodontics

This course is an intensely practical and basic introduction to diagnosis; treatment planning; orthodontic appliances; sequence and implementation of fixed orthodontic hardware. This course is designed to give the attendee working knowledge of cephalometric analysis, and associated orthodontic diagnosis to allow immediate implementation of neuromuscular orthodontic corrections on cases that are, or have been diagnosed as neuromuscular dysfunction patients. The emphasis will be on the integration of orthodontic treatments in conjunction with fixed neuromuscular orthotics on adult patients (not mixed dentition). Concepts such as arch development; arch alignment and leveling; arch coordination; verticalization; stabilization and case finishing; retention all will be discussed. Straight wire mechanics and minor adjunctive tooth movement strategies will be reviewed. Attendees should have an understanding of fixed orthotics and appropriate neuromuscular phase one treatments including use of the K7. LVI Cores 1, 4,5,6,7 are strongly recommended pre-requisites, however only LVI Core I is required. 

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to: 

Plan treatment using modern cephalometrics and the diagnostic information 

Diagnose and plan orthodontic treatments using necessary workup records 

Utilize neuromuscular records integration to planning orthodontic treatments 

Utilize fixed orthotics in combination with planned orthodontic treatments 

Utilize sequencing and principles for various orthodontic mechanics and hardware 

Complete the hands-on typodont workshop placing orthodontic brackets, wires, ligatures, elastics and adjunctive basic hardware. 

Utilize adjunctive appliances for arch development and control. 

Implement neuromuscular orthodontics in practice


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