Kirsten Matthews, MD, PhD
Chairman, Cardiovascular Society
Cardiologist, Washington Medical College

Kirsten Matthews is an internationally renowned cardiologist, recognized for pioneering the use of beta-blockers in patients with congestive heart failure. Dr. Matthews currently practices at Washington Medical College, where she also teaches courses in the field of cardiovascular medicine. Matthews recently published the critically acclaimed novel The Human Heart: How to Care for It. At the Biomedical Innovations Conference, Matthews will lead workshops and lectures on congestive heart failure.

Kenzie Morgan, PhD
Director, Cardiovascular Institute

In 1990, Kenzie Morgan joined the Cardiovascular Institute as a specialist in cardiovascular diseases, and is now the director of the Institute. As a specialist in the cardiovascular field, Morgan co-developed an artificial heart at Washington Medical College and worked on several intensive cardiovascular research projects with Dr. Brett Lawyer. Morgan will present at the conference on the topic of screening for cardiovascular disease.

David Conners, MD, PhD
Cardiologist, Washington Medical College

Conners trained at Washington Medical College and is a board-certified internal medicine practitioner and specialist in cardiovascular diseases. He is a pioneer in advocating alternative medicinal options for patients with cardiovascular diseases, and is currently leading research projects in developing and promoting these methods. Conners will lead discussions and workshops on these topics at the conference.

Lynda Ferrington
Scientific Director, Cardiovascular Society

A strong advocate of advanced methods for medicinal research, Ferrington heads the department for scientific research at the Cardiovascular Society. She has played an important role in developing new methods for treating cardiovascular diseases during her career, as well as promoting research for the link between diabetes and heart disease. At the conference, Ferrington will share her knowledge on these topics and offer career advice.

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