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The Boutique Hotel, Start to Finish

Follow the concept of a boutique hotel from its inception through its design and operation. This panel of experts comes from a perspective of Feasibility, Developer, Design, Finance and Operator. They will discuss the various stages of development and address some of the issues and challenges that occur. Join them as they take an idea to realization in the Life of a Boutique Hotel.

Independent vs. Branded

What are the key operational and financial differences between independent boutique hotels and branded boutique hotels? What are the differences between financing branded boutique hotels and independent? What impact do the soft brands such as Leading, Preferred, and World Hotels have on debt and equity financing?

Food, Drink and More

How do capital providers underwrite the F&B component of boutique hotels? Food and beverage offerings are an important component of the boutique hotel segment. How does the F&B program integrate with the hotel operations? How does a well run F&B program enhance cash flows and valuation?


How difficult is it to raise capital for a small but growing portfolio of boutique hotels? How much time do you spend on capital raising versus operations and development? What types of equity investors are financing your projects? How is the landscape changing?

Debt Financing

Who are the lenders and what are the key terms for existing hotels? Who are the lenders and what are the key terms for new developments? How receptive is the CMBS market to boutique hotels? What does the universe of mezzanine investors look like? What about preferred equity? Is EB-5 financing a factor?

Equity and Acquisitions

Who are the primary acquirers of boutique hotels? What equity investors are active players in the boutique hotel segment?  What are the public REITs focused on? What are the private equity investors focused on? What are the underwriting criteria? What is the geographic focus? What unique issues arise on financing boutique hotels? Is it a good time to buy? Is it a good time to sell? How is the availability of debt financing impacting the acquisitions market and pricing? Meet some of the experts who will share their knowledge.