Blood, Sweat and Tears Workshop

August 18-19, 2015

Workshop presented & hosted by: 
GE Global Research

3081 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95134
Tel. (408) 577-1300

In clinical settings, the health status of an individual is often determined from careful monitoring of physiological vital signs (such as heart rate, temperature, etc.) and biochemical markers (such as glucose, blood gases, electrolytes, proteins, etc.). Blood and urine are the most common body fluid sources for these biological parameters. However, access to blood or urine may pose challenges when considering wearable monitoring systems, especially continuous long-term monitoring applications where clotting, infection and irritation risks become important. Alternative sources such as interstitial fluid, sweat, saliva and tears may afford non-invasive or minimally invasive paths to these biochemical markers. However, the concentration of biomarkers in these body fluids may be significantly different than clinically standardized blood and urine sources.

The BS&T workshop is intended to focus on all the body fluid modalities -- including, blood, interstitial fluid, urine, sweat, tear and saliva -- for assessing biomarkers in both the health and human performance domains. What are the advantages and challenges for each fluid modality in correlating the analytical information with the human condition? What is the feasibility for cost-effective continuous monitoring, and how can continuous monitoring be best utilized?

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