Bone Grafting

Bone grafting was once performed only by specialists. Now conscientious clinicians are obtaining predictable results in sockets, on ridges and with periodontal defects utilizing a new generation of bone graft materials and inexpensive guided tissue (bone) barriers. The result is improved aesthetics, simplified prosthetics and salvaged dentitions for everyday, happy patients. Begin your grafting with the highly predictable extraction socket preservation. The rewards are enormous preservation of the bony housing, restoration of the vertical bone height and protection of the papilla; all while gaining remarkable pontic contours.

Bone grafting techniques will be thoroughly discussed with voluminous clinical examples throughout the hands-on course.

Bone Graft Materials and Socket Grafting

 Classification of graft materials

 Examples of each category and benefits of each

 Case selection and exclusion criteria

 Patient consultation

 Case reports: extraction sockets

 Hands on:

   o Suturing o Barrier materials

   o Bone graft products

   o Graft models using collatape or gelfoam and suture

 Introducing CTR Barriers

 Case reports: GTR

 Hands-on:

   o Resorbable

   o Non-resorbable

   o Graft models using both GTR’s and suture

   o Clinical examples: live surgeries

   o Questions, answers and controversies


Ridge Augmentation

 Anatomic consideration: blood supply; bone and soft tissue concerns

 Instrumentation

 Review bone graft products and combinations appropriate for ridge augmentation

 Review principles of space maintenance or tenting

 Discuss expectations and limitations for ridge augmentation

 Explain flap design including entry and closure

 Explore benefits of resorbable vs. non-resorbable barriers and the application of both

 Legal ramifications of using human or animal bone graft materials and consent forms

 Describe pre- and post-operative medications and patient instructions

 Detail post-operative management: timing of suture and barrier removal, managing complications and chronology of re-entry based on which bone material was used

 Hands-on:

   o Defect preparation & compare materials

   o Clinical cases: live surgery

Immediate Implants and Osteotome/Sinus

 Use of bone graft products for immediate implants

 Exclusion criteria for immediate implants

 Limitations of periotome techniques

 Discussion of immediate loading

 Options for sinus elevations

 Anatomic considerations

 Diagnosis and treatment planning

 Importance and use of tomograms

 Critical factors in determining which procedure to apply and why

 Expectations and limitations

 Instrumentation

 Patient management issues: pre- and post-op medications, patient instructions, managing complications

 Simple osteotome techniques

 Bone grafting in osteotome approach

 Clinical cases: live surgery

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