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A Boots on the Ground Series:


Three Opportunities: April 19th, 20th or 21st

Arden Hills (Minnesota

>> MBFTE Reimbursable Event <<


DYNAMIC ENTRY is our take on Forcible Entry with a focus on advanced skills. We will build off the basics while developing your ability to force doors as a single firefighter, in low visibility and where access is restricted.

This class will develop FIREGROUND SKILL SETS with a VICTIM FOCUSED approach. We force doors for the sake of life preservation in unforgiving circumstances with time compressed atmospheres.

Our training should match this reality.

There will be multiple forcible entry stations including a Fire by Trade door prop, other force door props, conventional window bar removal prop, power saw props for cutting: carriage bolts in a real door, chain, padlocks, and garage doors. You will build confidence utilizing the saw in differing situations.

Finally, we will build preconditioned response instincts through our delivery of combat drills engaging several basic skills in victim focused scenarios. This class is for the MISSION DRIVEN firefighter!


  • Where

  • Arden Hills Army Training Site
    1245 County Hwy 96
    Arden Hills, Minnesota 55112

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