We know that all students, particularly our vulnerable students need strategies to increase their wellbeing towards academic success.

The Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) is based on classroom strategies informed by Berry Street's approaches to trauma-informed learning and the science of wellbeing.  It has been designed by teachers and education leaders FOR whole school staff.  

Last year nearly 5000 Australian school teachers from more than 500 schools undertook the BSEM program. In addition, AusVELs data at the primary school where BSEM was piloted, suggested that the program contributed to more than two years learning in one academic year. 

We are all about strategies and recognise the importance of strategies which are consistent across an entire school. These student-centred strategies provide teachers, leaders, and allied education professionals with the knowledge of how to foster student willingness and capacity for school achievement. Throughout our training, we provide a robust toolkit of strategies that: 

  • Teachers can implement with students; and
  • Ensure a consistent approach to implementation, teacher feedback and support.

BSEM will help to prepare teachers to meet the needs of vulnerable students by:

  • understanding the impacts of trauma on the child, the family, and the intergenerational systems that surround the child,
  • considering the effects of vicarious trauma, and
  • exercising a multidisciplinary approach to the role of the teacher in the trauma-informed classroom, and to their therapeutic relationship with the child.

To gain an in depth understanding of the Berry Street Education Model, please join us for one of our four day training courses. In 2018 these will be held in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. 

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