Mindful practices
are powerful ways to build focus and to assist students' readiness to learn. In order to reach our most vulnerable students and ALL students, mindfulness must be positioned as relevant, fun and practical for everyday use in the classroom.

We know that mindfulness is a great tool for improving our ability to focus. Sometimes, though, it is difficult to implement easily in our classrooms.

Come learn strategies from
Janet Etty-Leal, a 
creative mindfulness trainer that will enhance your own teaching and wellbeing. Janet is unique in her approach and has many simple, creative ways to incorporate mindfulness based practices into bite-sized classroom interactions.

This masterclass session will build on your learning from the Body domain. You will further your understanding of mindfulness and explore creative ways of incorporating simple practices into your classroom.

This session will specifically help teachers with students challenged by mindfulness. You will walk away with a tool kit of mindfulness based brain breaks and an increased understanding of the benefits of mindfulness. 

Berry Street Education Model

This Masterclass is an extension of the Berry Street Education Model which provides schools with a whole-school approach to meet the developmental strengths and needs of students, teachers and school leaders.  The Berry Street Education Model is based on classroom strategies informed by Berry Street's approaches to trauma-informed learning and the science of wellbeing.  These student-centred strategies provide teachers, leaders, and allied education professionals with the knowledge of how to foster student willingness and capacity for school achievement. This model assists teachers to help all learners who present themselves in both mainstream and specialist classrooms.

Berry Street has a strong track record and a key role to play in assisting the development of services for vulnerable children and young people. Our education model informs the four campuses of the Berry Street School, and has contributed to significant academic growth in Victoria’s most vulnerable students, many of whom live in out-of-home care with histories of school refusal and disrupted education.

Through the Berry Street Childhood Institute, we aim to share our knowledge on trauma-informed positive education. Our approach combines a top down and ground up strategy. We focus on developing the capability of current and future school leaders by providing guidance on practical implementation in mainstream and specialist schools. Additionally, we provide consultation to community service organisations involved in education engagement

Course Dates

This one-day workshop will be run in August and again in October 2017.

Friday August 25 2017
Wednesday October 11 2017

Time: 9.30am - 3.00pm
Venue: Berry Street Central Office, 1 Salisbury St, Richmond VIC 3121

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