CAC Leaders Focusing on Strengthening MDTs


The two-day session will focus on developing a collaborative perspective and cultivating vital leadership skills necessary to strengthen Partner Agency relationships and ensure an effective, comprehensive multidisciplinary response throughout all aspects of a children’s advocacy center. The course, designed specifically for CAC Directors, will focus on developing assessment strategies for use in evaluating the strengths and challenges of the MDT(s) and enhancement of effective participation of all team members at all levels. In addition, the session will provide insight into strategies for identifying system issues that impact cases and team dynamics, helping to promote collaborative decision-making and cultivating healthy, productive methods for addressing conflict and engaging in difficult but important conversations. The training will be interactive and provide opportunities for practice and feedback. Training Objectives include:

Learning to Assess Partner Agency/Team Strengths and Challenges

Understanding the Role of the CAC Director in Ensuring Strong Partner Agency Relationships

Cultivating a Positive Climate with and for Your MDT

Facilitating Participatory Discussions with your Partner Agencies

Using Questions to Enhance Shared Decision-Making Throughout Your Organization

Recognizing, Appreciating and Capitalizing on the Diversity of Partner Agency Perspectives and Roles

Managing Inherent Conflict That Comes With a Multidisciplinary Response 

Learning to Engage Effectively in Difficult but Important Conversations

Prerequisites: No training prerequisites. Restricted to CAC Directors.

Approval Process: Registrants will be notified of approval status after the registration deadline, approximately one month prior to training. 

Offering quality, professional training in a classroom environment is a key priority for our organization, and we feel that this format is the most conducive to effective learning. Our format allows for small groups, one-on-one coaching and ample Q&A. However, given the inherent size of classroom training, we have to carefully manage the registration process. Our goal is to ensure that participants have timely access to the training sessions they are in need of in order to do their important jobs effectively. In reviewing registrations, our process is to assess both the registrant CAC’s needs as well as the registrant’s completion of course prerequisites.



  • When

  • Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - Thursday, June 1, 2017
    9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    Central Time

  • Where

  • Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas
    1501 W. Anderson
    Bldg. A
    Austin, Texas 78757

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