Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming


Questions & Answers

Question: Why is BRP holding the "Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming"?
  • BRP is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Can-Am Spyder. The first ever Can-Am Spyder was unveiled to the world in February of 2007.
  • BRP is proud to have more than 100,000 Can-Am Spyder owners around the world. 
  • The owners’ community is a vibrant and passionate group of riders, and BRP wants to celebrate and honor them at the home of the Can-Am Spyder
Question: When is the "Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming"?
  • From Friday June 2 to Sunday June 4, 2017.
Question: Where is the "Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming"?
  • At BRP headquarters in Valcourt (Quebec, Canada).
  • The Celebration Night on Saturday will be at the Centrexpo Cogeco of Drummondville (Quebec, Canada).
Question: Why hold the "Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming" in Valcourt?
  • In addition to being BRP corporate headquarters, Valcourt is home to the Can-Am Spyder engineering, design, marketing and production facilities.
Question: Where is Valcourt?
  • Valcourt is in the area of the “Eastern Townships”, about 90 minutes east of Montréal and an hour north of the U.S. border (Vermont). 
Question: What will be the activities on the "Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming" schedule?
  • BRP-hosted rides around the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec.
  • A visit of the BRP Factory.
  • A visit of the Museum of Ingenuity J. Armand Bombardier.
  • A visit of the Yvonne L. Bombardier Cultural Centre.
  • A visit of the Laurent Beaudoin Design and Innovation Centre.
  • A visit of the BRP's Product Development Centre.
  • An evening gathering on Friday Night, in Valcourt, to celebrate the anniversary and to pay tribute to the passionate Spyder Owners community.
  • A celebration dinner at the Centrexpo Cogeco Drummondville.
  • A BRP Parts, Accessories and Clothings products sale.
  • A showroom of BRP products.
  • A BRP care Technical zone.
  • An area of local exhibitors.
  • And more.
Question: Do I have to register to participate to the "Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming" festivities?
  • Yes, you must register in advance to participate to the event. To do so, visit:
Question: How can I register for the "Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming"?
  •  Your VIN number and email address will be mandatory to subscribe to the event.
Question: What is the VIN number of a Can-Am Spyder vehicle?
  • It is the serial number of your Can-Am Spyder. It’s a code of 17 numbers and letters that appear under this form: 2BX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Question: What is the registration cost for the “Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming”?
  • The cost for this event is $95 CAD per participant. 
  • From May 2nd 2017, the cost will increase to $150 CAD per inscription.
Question: Why do I pay Quebec tax on the price?
  • It is the law in Québec
Question: Why is the $95 CAN charge displayed in Canadian dollars on my credit card statement?
  • If you are based outside of Canada, your credit card issuer will assign the applicable exchange rate and you will see on your statement the amount in your country currency.
Question: What is included with the registration fee to the “Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming”?
  • The participation to all the activities listed on question 6th in addition to Friday and Saturday’s meal, as well as a welcome package for every participant.
Question: Is the number of inscriptions to the “Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming” limited?
  • Yes, the registration will be on a first-to-register basis. We are expecting 3 000 participants.
Question: Is the “Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming” open to every Spyder owner around the world?
  • Yes.
Question: Will there be a possibility to rent a Can-Am Spyder vehicle? (e.g. if somebody lives overseas and does not want to or can not ride all the way from home)
  • Please check availability with local dealers.
Question: Do I have to ride my Can-Am Spyder to attend or can I fly in and rent a car for my subsequent travelling?
  • It would be optimal if you could come with your Spyder, but we do understand travel constraints.
Question: I would like to book my hotel early. What hotels do you suggest?
  • Valcourt is a small township with no hotel rooms. However, you can find some in the surrounding towns like Sherbrooke and Drummondville.
Question: Will there be any food packages available or should I plan some?
  • BRP will offer the dinner for Friday and for Saturday, during the ceremony. Others meals will be your responsibility.
  • There are many restaurants and grocery store in the surrounding area for the other meals.
Question: Will there be any official BRP-sanctioned rides to get to Valcourt?
  • It is yet to be determined if there will be any rides of that sort within the “Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming”.
  • We encourage Spyder’s owners of a same region to get in touch with others in their area to see if registrants are planning to ride together.
  • Owners should also visit community sites such as as the event draws near to see what people are planning to do.
Question: Are there other attractions in Valcourt and in the area?
  • Yes, there are many beautiful areas to discover in the region. 
Question: Will BRP continue to sponsor Owners events similar to the “Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming”?
  • BRP is currently planning for next year’s events and will do its best to support the Can-Am Spyder community.
Question: What should I prepare to register to the “Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming”?
  • For the registration, you will need to provide your e-mail and your Can-Am Spyder VIN number..
Question: Can I be accompanied if my guest does not own a Can-Am Spyder vehicle?
  • Yes, you are allowed to register your passenger as a guest.
Question: How can two Can-Am Spyder owners register together?
  • You have to fill out two separate forms with two different email addresses. 
  • Before the end of your registration you will have the possibility to add a person and have both charges on the same invoice.
Question: Can I participate to the “Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming” if I am not an owner of a Can-Am Spyder vehicle?
  • It is mandatory to be an owner of a Can-Am Spyder vehicle to participate to the event. 
  • However, each owner can come with a guest.
Question: If I have the same e-mail as my partner, will this cause any problems for the registration?
  • It’s preferable to have your own email address to register. 
Question: How do I know that my registration has been submitted?
  • When the payment will be completed, you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation number. 
Question: What should I plan for the event?
  • Have a valid passport for international owners
  • Book your hotel early
  • Have your ID for the registration and your confirmation number.
Question: Can I cancel my registration and get a refund?
  • You have until May 2nd, 2017 to cancel your registration and get a refund. 
  • If it has been more than 90 days since you registered, you will need to send an email at to get your refund processed.
Question: What should I do when I arrive at the “Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming” in Valcourt?
  • Park in the reserved parking spaces.
  • Locate the shuttles: You can use them during the event to move throughout the site, as necessary.
  • Go to the Registration station.
  • Have a piece of ID ready. All participants will receive a welcome kit when they check in.
  • Put on your bracelet and event badge.
Question: What will the schedule be for the “Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming”?
  • Guests are free to create their own agendas for the event, no reservations necessary.
Question: When will I receive my welcome kit?
  • You will receive your welcome kit after you’ve checked-in. You must show a piece of ID to receive it.
Question: Who can participate to the “Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming”?
  • Owners of Can-am Spyders can participate and, if desired, a guest of their choice.
Question: Will there be a contest as part of the event?
  • Yes, there will be a contest. More details to come.
Question: Will the event still take place if it rains?
  • Yes. Most of the visits are being held indoors.
    Outdoor activities will be held in tents if it rains.
Question: Where will I park during the “Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming”?
  • Several parking lots will be available during the event. There will be indications on-site to direct participants to these parking lots.
Question: How will I move around the site?
  • Shuttles will be available on-site so you can move around town.
Question: What should I do in case of an emergency?
  • Contact a security guard or an event employee. Paramedics will be available on-site at all times. The emergency number is yet to be determined.
Question: What are the security rules for the “Can-Am Spyder 10th Anniversary Homecoming”?

Security is everybody’s responsibility

  • You are required to show an ID when you check in.
  • Provide an emergency contact when you register or check in.
  • Wear your bracelet and event badge at all times and show them upon request to access the activities.
  • Comply with the site’s safety and security procedures.
  • Monitor your belongings at all times.
  • Contact event employees or security guards if you have questions or if there are any incidents.
  • Obey the speed limit.
  • Do not drive drunk.
  • Do not use illegal substances on the event site.
  • Only smoke in designated areas – Smoke-free event.
  • Dispose your trash in the appropriate receptacles.
  • Use designated toilets.
Question: I have other questions and have not found an answer. What do I do?