Carriere 1-Day Symposium Pre-AAO Event May 4th, 2018 | Washington, DC


Advance your knowledge on the Carriere System, and the new paradigm SAGITTAL FIRST.

  • Ground-breaking SAGITTAL FIRST Philosophy, providing greater efficiencies, shorter treatment times and long-term aesthetic results.
  • Discover new concepts to diagnose and treatment plan for Class ll & Class lll correction, so that you can achieve remarkable results on time, every time.
  • Take home strategies to help you overcome real challenges (complex cases) and access tools to differentiate your orthodontic practice in today’s competitive market.

Buy a Motion 3D Kit for $3,085 and receive the Pre-AAO Carriere Symposium valued at $420 (including 7 hours of CE credits and food and beverage provided during the course) at no additional charge.

Motion 3D Kit includes:
• 18 sets of Motion 3D Colors Class II Appliances or Class III Appliances (Mix and Match)
• 2 boxes of Carriere Motion 3D Elastics
• 1 pack of Patient Protocol Sheets
• 1 pack of Patient Education brochures
• 1 Motion 3D Instrument
• 1 laminated elastic protocol

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