CGT Relief Masterclass

Summary & Topics

The recent ATO announcement advising that they will be extending the due date for lodgement of SMSF 2017 annual returns strongly indicates the complexities around the CGT Relief is proving challenging, as Heffron predicted would be the case.

With the annual return season underway, now is the time to hone your knowledge at our upcoming masterclass.  NB: This is a re-run of the sessions we held in November 2017.

Focusing on CGT relief and its interaction with income tax exemptions and actuarial certificates for 2016/17, our masterclass will equip you with practical solutions by working through case studies, workshop style in an intimate setting (numbers are strictly limited to 30 participants).  

You’ve had the theory, now is the time to actually work through the practicalities – why might you make different decisions on CGT relief for two different clients?  How do your choices about actuarial certificates in 2016/17 affect your clients’ CGT relief? Have the rules on when you even need an actuarial certificate changed? What extra paperwork will we need this year to cover all the bases?

As a small business of busy practitioners, we understand the importance of value for money in SMSF training. Our sessions are always designed to maximise the value of your time out of the office – we receive consistent feedback that the material is well researched and presented by experts in SMSF.

But don't take our word for it - read what our clients thought about our November masterclass:

"I really liked the interactive workshop, it meant we had to pay attention because every 30-45 minutes it was time to put the theory into practice" (Financial Planner, Newcastle)

"Great - I always learn a lot from your seminars" (Financial Planner, Sydney)


If you attended Heffron's CGT Relief Masterclass in November 2017 or McPhersons' Superannuation Intensive Seminar Series 2017, you do not need to attend this event.

All Masterclasses will run from 1.30pm-5.00pm local time. 

12 March 2018 - Sydney
13 March 2018 - Perth
14 March 2018 - Brisbane
15 March 2018 - Melbourne

Why not make a Day of it?
Our Death Benefit Masterclass will run in each of these locations from 8.30am-12.30pm on the same day.

Click here to be taken to the event website for the Death Benefits Masterclass for further information and to register.