Changing the Perception of Dentistry

Millions of Americans avoid going to the dentist due to fear and anxiety. Of the people who routinely visit the dentist, 82% state they experience some level of anxiety during their dental appointment. Avoiding the dentist can have negative consequences that can lead to compromised health and quality of life. Research shows an important oral systemic health link and the need for proper oral hygiene. 

So why are people so afraid of the dentist? This program discusses the numerous factors contributing to dental fear, the anxious response, and the clinical manifestations of stress (gagging, excessive salivary flow, tongue battles, startle responses, stalling tactics, muscle tension in the masseter and temporalis). The course will address methods for anxiolysis and relaxation. 

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to: 

Recognize the triggers that cause dental anxiety and the polyvagal theory 

Discuss the anatomy and physiology of stress and anxiety (central nervous system alert > amygdala > hypothalamus > pituitary gland > adrenal gland > “fight-or-flight response”) 

Discuss the brain wave function related to stress and anxiety

Utilize mindfulness, medical hypnosis, sedation, and relaxation techniques to interrupt the “fight-or-flight” response and balance the autonomic nervous system 

Discuss why relaxed dental patients are ideal dental patients (no gagging, reduced salivary flow, reduced tongue movement, relaxed facial muscles, etc.) 

Discuss the applied neuropsychobiology behind an all-natural anxiolytic clinical solution 

Learn about the clinical application and clinical impact of an all-natural relaxation technology 

Create safer, more predictable, and more efficacious OCS & nitrous

Discuss the difference between presenting treatment plans to patients who are stressed and exhausted vs. patients who are relaxed and present 

Increase revenue by performing long procedures on high fear patients without sedation 

Utilize an all-natural relaxation technology that can improve restorative sleep

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