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Course Applications Now Open! 

The Berry Street Childhood Institute is proud to announce that course applications are now open for our inaugural Victorian Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) Course. Delivered by Dr. Julie Larrieu (USA) this 18 month course will be held in Melbourne, commencing November 2017. 

What is Child-Parent Psychotherapy?
Child-Parent Psychotherapy is an intervention model for children ages 0-5 years who have experienced traumatic events and/or are experiencing mental health, attachment, and/or behavioural problems. Therapeutic sessions include the child and parent or primary caregiver. A central goal is to support and strengthen the caregiver-child relationship as a vehicle for restoring and protecting the child's mental health. Treatment also focuses on contextual factors that may affect the caregiver-child relationship (e.g. cultural norms and socioeconomic and other stressors such as family violence).

Child-Parent Psychotherapy is an evidence-based treatment. For additional information about CPP, including the five randomised trials which have shown the efficacy of the model, please see the Child-Parent Psychotherapy Research Summary:

Child-Parent Psychotherapy Training Course
This training course is for mental health clinicians working with these young children and their caregivers. The goal of the training is to support the adoption and implementation of CPP in order to improve outcomes for young children and their caregivers who have experienced traumatic events and/or relationship disruptions or disturbances. Clinicians will be trained to implement CPP with fidelity.

Target Audience
Mental health clinicians and clinical supervisors working with young children (birth to 5 years) and their caregivers.