If you would like to download the PDF version of the Spring Work Weekend 2019 Preliminary Agenda, please click here.

Spring 2019 Work Weekend Preliminary Agenda

Spring 2019 Work Weekend Preliminary Agenda

April 12 - 14, 2019

Peter Gilgan Centre for Research & Learning

686 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5G 0A4


 April 12, 2019 (Friday)
 Kirklin-Ashburn Fellow Update
 Review of work completed by Fellow
 Overview of current cohorts
AVSD Cohort 
 PAB in AVSD AATS Project Overview
 Cohort Numbers/Abstraction
 Discussion of future projects
 Tricuspid Atresia Cohort
 Review of Past Projects
 Data Overview
 Discussion of future projects
 AAOCA Cohort
 Surgical Outcomes AATS Project Overview
 Discussion of future projects
 Pulmonary Conduit Cohort
 Gore Grant Discussion
 Freedom from conduit interventions
 Statistics Overview
 Competing Risks
Ebstein’s Overview
 Cohort Overview and Planning 


April 13, 2019 (Saturday) 
CHSS Data Center Administration & Plans
Quality Improvement Project vs Research Registry 
 Engaging CHSS Members, Cardiologists and Study Subjects 
 Plan for creating virtual core lab 
 Data Abstraction Process 
CHSS - AHA Grant Opportunity 


April 14, 2019 (Sunday)
 Wrap Up
 Presentation Run through
 Work Weekend Review & Wrap-Up discussions