Cider Symposium


  • Friday, April 28, 2017
    8:30 AM  -  9:00 AM
    9:00 AM  -  9:10 AM
    9:10 AM  -  10:00 AM
    What’s Behind Cider Quality?
    Discussion will focus on the use of equipment and lab techniques to help you better troubleshoot quality issues in your cider. Topics to be covered include microbial control agents, cleaning and sanitation, water dechlorination and tips from a seasoned cider maker and chemist.
    10:00 AM  -  10:10 AM
    10:10 AM  -  11:00 AM
    Olfactory Sensory Analysis: Training Your Senses to Identify Quality Variations in Cider
    11:00 AM  -  12:00 PM
    The Quest for Tannins
    This session examines tannin content and analyses variety trials from the Penn State Fruit Research and Extension Center.
    12:00 PM  -  1:00 PM
    Lunch (provided)
    1:00 PM  -  1:45 PM
    Sensory Analysis-Tasting
    This session works to hone the participants tasting skills to detect quality variations in cider with an emphasis on microbial control variations.
    1:45 PM  -  2:00 PM
    Sensory Analysis & Marketing
    Why quality matters to your customers and what they are willing to pay for it. This session highlights work from Washington State University.
    2:00 PM  -  2:55 PM
    Cider Maker Panel: Blending Techniques
    A grower & cider maker panel discussion how blending techniques and use of cider varieties effects the quality of your end product.
    2:55 PM  -  3:00 PM
    Evaluation & Adjourn