CIO Leadership Academy - 2019


This semester-long program includes a two-day retreat, three growth sessions, and a one-day capstone experience.

The program opens with a face-to-face retreat designed to build a network and trust among the cohort participants and facilitate instructional opportunities (e.g., simulations, discussion of personal leadership assessments, and small group engagements). This is followed by three growth sessions that allow for a focused learning opportunity on leadership and information technology topics.

These sessions are delivered online, with optional gathering places set up around the state for participants to meet and work through the sessions together. They follow the concept of the flipped classroom and require a modicum of advance work by the participants so each three-hour session can be spent in discussion and dialog, rather than delivery of content.

The program concludes with a one-day capstone event that reconvenes the cohort in a face-to-face forum, where participants present their applied-learning projects and develop a personal change-management strategy to help them incorporate the new skills and knowledge in their leadership roles. 

Opening Two-Day Retreat

The opening retreat will initiate the personal leadership development journey, guiding participants through intensive discussions, cultural simulations, leadership assessment feedback and small-group discussions. Day one focuses on discovering leadership and day two focuses on interpersonal relationships and team mastery. The retreat will be geared toward the particular needs of CIOs.

Mid-semester workshops/networking


Growth Sessions

There will be multiple growth sessions between the retreat and capstone. The topics, dates, times and locations will be announced as we get closer to the start of the 2018 session.


As a final capstone, participants will present their applied learning projects, reflect on their journey through the program and develop a personal change-management strategy to guide how they will implement what they've learned.