City ArtWorks Summer Art Classes 2016

This event has been cancelled. If you have any questions, please contact the Registration Manager directly at or call the office at 713-681-1331.

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Click here for week by week class titles and descriptions.
Click here for at a glance dates, times and class titles for 3-5 year olds and 9-15 year olds.
Click here for at a glance dates, times and class titles for 5-12 year olds
Click here for at a glance for both the ArtSmart, Exploration & Imagination classes on the same page.

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Every summer, City ArtWorks offers 9 weeks of art classes(June 6 to August 12) at our community studio that includes sculpture, clay, printmaking, drawing, painting, mixed media and other visual art mediums. For children ages 3 to 15, summer art classes encourage creative problem solving, help develop critical thinking skills, and expose children to visual arts concepts and history. But most of all, City ArtWorks' Summer Art Classes are fun, and a great way for children to connect with other young artists! Children can sign up for a week, multiple weeks, half day or full day options.

City ArtWorks Summer Fun for 2016!

This summer we invite your children to join us for amazing art classes focused on learning and applying specific techniques, creative and educational projects, and fun and varied art materials. Click here for Core class title descriptions. Each 2 hour class will have unique themes and specialized techniques that will explore the multifaceted world of art for different age groups. We are also offering a variety of ways to fill your child's art day! You will be able to sign up your child for the individual 2 hour "core" classes, morning or afternoon half day options, back-to-back core classes or the full day!

  • We are offering 9 weeks of art classes for 5-12 year olds. Click here to see the Core class titles, dates and times that we offer the 5-12 year old classes.

  • We also have 5 weeks of ArtSmart classes for 3-5 year olds. Click here to see the 3-5 year old classes.

  • We are also offering 7 weeks of Exploration classes for 9-15 year olds. Click here to see the 9-15 year old classes weeks with titles and times.


  • Core classes: The 2 hour morning class from 10:30am-12:30pm or the 2 hour afternoon classes from 1:00-3:00pm. The Core classes have a specialty teacher instructing the full 2 hours. Click here for a list of Core Classes listed by week.

  • Studio Time: This supervised 1.5 hour art time is a part of the Half Day or Full Day session option and includes time when the children will have personal creative exploration of their art. It is similar to STUDY HALL with some supervised guidance. Children will have journal sketching time, watch "How To" and art related videos, and continue working on related projects that they are creating in their Core Classes. Studio Time includes all ages together.

  • *Lunch and/or *Snack: There is a 30 minute *lunch time in the AM half day session or a 30 minute *snack time in the PM half day session. *Parents must provide their children's food for lunch and/or snack time.  Please do not include any foods with nuts.

  • Half Day Sessions: These half day sessions are 4 hours long and include 1.5 hours of Studio Time, a 2 hour Core Class and a 30 minute *lunch or *snack time. There is a 9am-1pm AM half day option or the 1pm-5pm PM half day option.

  • Back-to-Back Classes: This half day class option includes the 10:30-12:30 AM Core Class,*Lunch time & 1:00-3:00 PM Core Class. Starting at 10:30am and ending at 3:00pm, this half day session is 4.5 hours.

  • Full Day Classes: When you sign up for the full day session, it is the description of the AM plus the PM half day sessions, and it turns into a full day from 9am-5pm which is 8 hours.


ArtSmart Classes- These Classes are for 3-5 year olds. There are five classes available this summer on weeks 1,3,4, 6 & 7 from 10:30am-12:30pm (2hrs) or Half Day option from 9am-1pm (4hrs). These 2 hour Core Classes are age appropriate for 3-5 years old. Children must be potty trained to participate.

Imagination Classes- For age 5-12 years old, these AM & PM Core Classes can be made to fit almost any schedule including AM Half Day, PM Half day, Back-to-Back Half day or Full day options.

Exploration Classes- These classes are for 9-15 year olds. There are seven classes available this summer on weeks 2,3,5,6,& 8. These classes are designed for the older artists. They best described as beginner to intermediate level. Half day and Full day options are available only Week 2 and Week 8. These 2 weeks offer Exploration class options for the AM Core Class and PM Core Class to make a full day. All other Exploration weeks combine the AM Imagination class in the morning and then have their Exploration Class in the afternoon if they want to participate in the full day option.  Also, the Studio Time from 9-10:30am, lunch time from 12:30-1pm and 3-5pm includes all ages.


Click here for week by week class titles and descriptions.

Click here for at a glance dates, times and class titles for 3-5 year olds (ArtSmart) and 9-12+ year olds (Exploration).

Click here for at a glance dates, times and class  titles for 5-12 year olds (Imagination)

  • AM "Core" Camp from 10:30-12:30 (2 hours) – Core Camp- $130-$155

  • PM "Core" Camp from 1:00-3:00 (2 hours) – Core Camp-$130-$155

  • AM Half Day 9:00-1:00 (4 hours) - 1.5 hours of Studio time, a 30 minute *lunch break and a 2 hour AM Core camp. -$235-$260

  • PM Half Day 1:00-5:00 (4 hours)  -  1.5 hours of Studio time, a 30 minute *snack break and a 2 hour PM Core camp. -$235-$260

  • Back-to-Back Core Camps 10:30-3:00 (AM Core"Camp & PM Core Camp) (4.5 hours) -  2 hours of Am Core Camp, a 30 minute *lunch break and a 2 hour PM Core Camp. -$265-$290

  • Full Day Camp 9:00-5:00 (8 hours) – 1.5 hours of Studio time, 2 hour AM Core camp, 30 minute *lunch break, 2 hour PM Core camp, 30 minute *snack break and then 1.5 hours of Studio time. - $430-$455


  • Multiple Sibling and/or Class Discount -  We are happy to extend to you multiple class and sibling discounts. Only the first full wee of class is full price which is listed as a Summer 2016 $25 fee on your receipt, but this actually allows us to list all of our class prices at a $25 discount from the start!

  • Early Bird Discount - We also have a $5 Early Bird Special. Any time you sign up the Monday prior to the camp(s) you want or earlier, you receive $5 off!  So sign up early and SAVE!

  • Discount Codes - Earn an $$$ off! There will be an opportunity for you to apply this during your registration process. They can only be used one time.


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