Preliminary Agenda

7:00 AM   Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Exhibits Open
 8:00 AM  Welcome and Introduction
  Peter K. Kaiser, MD

New and Emerging Trends in Imaging

8:05 AM  OCT Angiography:  Imaging Challenges and Artifacts 
 Sumit Sharma, MD
8:15 AM
Novel Approaches for Enhancing OCT-Angiography
Jay S. Duker, MD 
 8:25 AMAdaptive Optics: Current Status and Potential Clinical Applications 
  Joseph Carroll, PhD, FARVO
 8:35 AMWhen is OCT Not Enough: The Importance of Multimodal Imaging
  David Sarraf, MD
 8:45 AMRecent Software and Hardware Advances for Enhanced Visualization of Anatomic and Pathological 
  Features in Retinal Images
  Sina Farsiu, MD 
 8:55 AMQuestion and Answer Session


Imaging in Retinal Vascular Disease

9:10 AM
My Approach to Imaging in Diabetic Retinopathy
  Barbara A. Blodi, MD 
9:20 AM
Defining Ischemia in Retinal Vascular Disease: OCT-A or FA? 
  Nadia K. Waheed, MD MPH
9:30 AM
How Does Imaging in RVO Guide My Clinical Decision Making? 
  Aleksandra Rachitskaya, MD 
9:40 AM
Panel Discussion: Retinal Vascular Disease Imaging
  Moderator: Justis P. Ehlers, MD 
  Panel: All Faculty 


10:10 AM Break and Practical Hands-on Imaging Session

10:40 AM
Fellow Research in Imaging Award Presentation 


Vitreoretinal Surgery 

10:50 AM
Surgical Visualization and Imaging 
  Justis P. Ehlers, MD 
 11:00 AMIntraoperative Tumor Imaging: Ultrasound, Image-guided Biopsy and 4D OCT
  Prithvi Mruthyunjaya, MD
11:10 AM Panel Discussion: Utilization of Imaging in Surgery and Optimal Apprach for Surgical Visualization 
  Moderator: Sunil K. Srivastava, MD 
  Panel: All Faculty 
 12:00 PMLunch and Practical Hands-on Sessions

Imaging in Ocular Oncology, Inflammatory Eye Disease, and CSR 

1:10 PM
My Imaging Approach to Uveitis 
  Sumit Sharma, MD 
1:20 PM
OCT and Widefield Imaging Techniques for Intraocular Tumors
  Prithvi Mruthyunjaya, MD 
1:30 PM
Imaging in CSR: How Does it Guide Therapeutic Choice? 
  Aleksandra Rachitskaya, MD 
1:40 PM Panel Case-based Discussion: How Do I Use Imaging When Approaching a Diagnostic Dilemma? 
Moderator: Sunil K. Srivastava, MD 
  Panelists: All Faculty 

Emerging Approaches to Visualization and Image Analysis

2:10 PM
The Role of AO in Future Therapeutic and Clinical Trials 

Joseph Carroll, PhD, FARVO
2:20 PM
Automated Identification and Quantification of Angiographic Features 

Sunil K. Srivastava, MD 
2:30 PM How Do I Use Current OCT-A Analysis Software in Clinical Practice? 

Jay S. Duker, MD 
 2:40 PMQuantitative Retinal Image Analysis: from Graph Theory to Deep Learning 
  Sina Farsiu, PhD
 2:50 PMQuestion and Answer Session 
 3:00 PMBreak and Practical Hands-on Session 


3:30 PM Fellow Research in Imaging Award Presentation 

Imaging Device Overview 

3:40 PM Clinical Imaging Devices: Features and Highlights of Available Systems
 Peter K. Kaiser, MD 

Imaging Approaches in Clinical Disease: AMD

4:00 PMHow Do I Use En Face Imaging in Clinical Practice? 
 David Sarraf, MD 
4:10 PM
The Impact of Fluid on Clinical Decision-making in NVAMD
Daniel F. Martin, MD
4:20 PMFAF or OCT: What Should I Use for Clinical GA Assessment in AMD? 
  Barbara A. Blodi, MD
4:30 PMWhen Should I Use OCT-A in AMD?
 Nadia K. Waheed,MD, MPH
4:40 PMPanel Case-based Discussion: What is My Imaging Regimen for NVAMD?
  Moderator: Peter K. Kaiser, MD
 Panel: All Faculty 
 5:15 PMWrap-up and Practical Hands-on Imaging Sessions 
 5:30 PMFellows' Educational Session and Networking Reception