Friday, April 27, 2018
Prior to ARVO*
Honolulu, Hawaii


*This event is not affiliated with the ARVO Annual Meeting

The most up-to-date information on retinal diseases!

Retina experts will discuss recent clinical study results and their application to clinical practice; active clinical investigations of potential new therapies; applications of new imaging techniques; advances in surgical instrumentation, and the optimal management of retinal diseases. The program will have didactic presentations, surgical video panel discussions, and interactive case based sessions, with a dedicated audience question and answer session.

Target Audiences:
The Cole Eye Institute Retina Summit is for retina specialists, comprehensive ophthalmologists, retina fellows and healthcare providers who are interested in applying the most recent advancements in the retinal medicine field, including emerging techniques for imaging and treating retinal and vitreoretinal diseases.

Hot Topics

Clinical evidence for new and emerging therapies and treatment combinations for retinovascular diseases
− Dietary and supplement recommendations
− Correlation between anti-VEGF injections and GA within the context of anatomic findings
− Available  treatment options for central serous chorioretinopathy
− Sequence, dose, safety, efficacy, and durability of combination therapies for wet AMD leading to successful patient outcomes
− Knowledge of clinical evidence and what recent trials have taught us about real-life treatments
− Background on strategies associated with investigational therapies for dry AMD and DME
− Practical insights into integrating new imaging technologies into clinical practice
− Familiarity with imaging modalities  for early detection, disease typing, disease monitoring, and surgical intervention
− Surgical best practices and post-operative care, including video demonstrations of new surgical techniques and technologies 
− Optimal surgical outcomes for patients