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Collective Leadership Certification (CLC):
Melbourne 23 March 2018

Welcome to Your Collective Leadership Certification (CLC) Overview

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Helping your clients improve their collective leadership effectiveness opens up powerful avenues for gaining and sustaining competitive advantage and for creating thriving work environments for everyone.

The Collective Leadership Certification (CLC) is a 1-day certification workshop where you’ll learn to work with, and effectively debrief, the Leadership Culture Survey (LCS). You will also learn distinctions between debriefing LCS and a Leadership Circle Profile Group Report.

Leadership Culture Survey (LCS) focusses on collective leadership. It has been designed to conduct a thorough and valid assessment of the impact that collective leadership has on culture. LCS can be used, like an MRI, to assess organisation culture, business unit culture or team culture. Because LCS highlights the gap between current ACTUAL culture and desired IDEAL culture, specific and actionable areas for improvement become obvious - Indicating where the most energy for change is.

LCS also measures how a team/organisation's leadership culture compares to that of other organisations, creating a very compelling rationale for change. With this information leaders are collectively guided to where the most crucial conversations for effectiveness can be had, linked to strategic imperatives.

The Leadership Culture Survey (LCS) fits seamlessly with the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) because it is built from the same framework as the LCP. Where the LCP provides in-depth feedback for individual leadership development, the LCS builds readiness for change at the collective leadership level.

The Leadership Culture Survey will also:

  • Focus leadership development efforts, steering conversations to what matters most in the context of strategic imperatives.
  • Delineate cultural challenges associated with systems-wide initiatives including transformations, acquisitions, mergers and restructuring plans.
  • Align collective leadership accountability to productivity, profits, turnover, and other bottom line metrics.

In this 1-day Certification, you will also learn how to use the Leadership Circle Profile Group Report with leadership teams. The LCP Group Report provides another look at a team’s collective effectiveness by aggregating all of their individual Profiles. Customisable debrief designs for using the LCS and the LCP Group Report will be shared.

It is our experience that exponential and long term shifts in culture only happen through a planned integrated approach - one that focusses on collective and individual leadership development in parallel.


Please Note: Completion of the 3-day Leadership Circle Profile Certification (C1) is a pre-requisite for participation in the CLC. For more information please click on the “Prerequisites for CLC” tab to your left.

Please note that the Program begins at 8.30AM and finishes at 5.30PM.

  • When

  • Friday, March 23, 2018
    8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
    Eastern Australia Time

  • Where

  • Melbourne Business School
    Carlton Campus
    200 Leicester Street
    Carlton, Victoria 3053
    +61 3 9349 8400

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