Composite Artistry

Giving Your Patients Something To Smile About

Our patients today want their dentistry less invasive and more aesthetic. Direct Resin accomplishes both. However, aesthetic standards have been raised. Restoring anterior teeth with a single shade and opacity is no longer acceptable. Indeed, the greatest impact of cosmetic or aesthetic restorative dentistry is providing patients with beautiful smiles that enhance self-esteem and encourages them to refer friends.


This course will illustrate the value of using direct composite resin for treating anterior restorative and cosmetic needs. The simple, conservative techniques shown will lead to results that please the patient and the dentist.


Learning Objectives

  • To gain an appreciation of conservative direct resin restorations
  • To learn the essential features of a naturally shaded composite system
  • To understand the stratification of opacities to achieve life like restorations
  • To be able to apply these conservative techniques efficiently in a general practice
  • To increase the joy of dentistry by enhancing patients’ smiles

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