Connectivity Training - June/July

Connectivity Training – Discover the Heartbeat of Your Business

Connection is one of the most important needs for a happy and healthy life. It’s the heart that keeps your relationships beating strong and the fiber of a growing Pure Romance business.

Think of a time that you immediately clicked with somebody. You moved from “hello” to feeling like you had known this person for years. There was an immediate comfort, interaction was easy, and connection came fast. Did it happen by chance?

Now imagine having that experience with each hostess, client and team member. There is a science behind rapid and immediate connection. We invite you to attend the Connectivity Training, a one-of-a-kind market training, that gives you the tools to plug in and find connection with anyone.

This training, led by President & CEO Chris Cicchinelli and Senior Vice President of Sales & Training Cheryl Force, allows you to discover proven methods and learn easy techniques that will have you feeling confident and certain that you have the tools to grow your business.


- How to Have Unlimited Bookings: You know how to party, and rock those sales, and the only thing missing is a full calendar! Let’s get you an endless supply of books so you can party as much as you want.
- Client Connections that Pay: Connections take your relationships with customers and hostesses to the next level. Here you will discover how you can stay in touch so you can help clients for life.
- Product Information That Changes Relationships: Improve your ability to share Pure Romance products; because expanding your knowledge is a sure-fire way to expand your sales.
- Authentic Engagement: Your team can be your greatest asset in this business. As you bond with them and nurture their growth, they will do the same for you!


Registration Fee: Free!

This exclusive training is for Pure Romance Consultants only!



What to Wear

Professionista Attire and a sweater if desired. Room temperature can be cold.

What to Bring

Writing utensil, calendar and a notebook.


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